Onondaga now offers the opportunity to be placed on a waitlist for specified course sections in the event that they are already full when attempting to register. Waitlisting in WebAccess allows students to electronically “wait in line” for the next available space.  

During the registration period, students may place themselves on the waitlists for specific classes which are filled. Students on the waitlist will be notified, via OCC email, if vacancies occur. You will have two days to register for the class once you receive the email.  

Waitlisting FAQs 

Here are a few tips about how to utilize this function. 

Things you will need to be placed on a waitlist

  • Must have the defined prerequisite for the course 
  • Must have an account in good standing (no past due balances, holds on accounts)  

Steps to Placing Yourself on a Waitlist

  1. Login to WebAccess 
  2. Attempt to register for the course.  
  3. Click submit 
  4. If the class if full/closed, go back and choose Add to Waitlist in the Action column.  

add to waitlist 

    5. Click submit 

Checking Your Waitlist Status:

  1. Check your OCC email daily!  When a seat becomes available in a class with a waitlist, the first/next person on the waitlist is notified via your Onondaga email. Once a student is given Permission to Register, he/she will have TWO DAYS to visit WebAccess and register for the class via Manage My Waitlist (see next section). If the student fails to check the email or fails to register within the two day time period, the permission will expire and the student will not be able to register. NOTE: Non-degree seeking students will not have an OCC email account created until they are registered for courses. Therefore, be certain to use the “Manage My Waitlist” function as indicated below. 
  2. Go to Manage My Waitlist frequently. Login to WebAccess and click Manage My Waitlist to check the status of any classes that you are waitlisted on. If you have been given Permission to Register, the waitlist status will indicate that you have been given permission.  

Registering for a Waitlist Class once Permission is Granted

Once you have been given permission via email or by viewing Manage My Waitlist, you will need to follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to WebAccess 
  2. Click on Manage My Waitlist 

 Manage My Waitlist 

    3. Locate the Action drop-down box for the class(es) for which you’ve been given permission. 

 Permission to Register image 

     4. Click on the dropdown box and select the status to Register. 

 Register (scaled) 

    5. Click Submit

    6. The next page will indicate that you are now registered for that course.  

 Registration Confirmation 

To see where you are on the waitlist 

  1. Login to WebAccess  
  2. Click on Manage My Waitlist  
  3. View the Rank/Waitlist Column 

Rank on waitlist