Degree-Seeking Student Registration

Step 1: Make sure you meet with your advisor first!

Your choice of courses may have impacts on your financial aid as well as progress within your degree program.  It's important to discuss your plans with your advisor prior to registration to make informed decisions about your course schedule.

Step 2: Login to WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor provides students with secured access to register for classes, check your schedule, check your financial aid, view your grades, and more. 

You must first log in with your username + password.

Step 3: Add/Drop Courses

Download the Step-by-Step Guide to Registration as a PDF or Watch these videos.

The first week of classes is when you can switch your classes. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific date that is the last day to “Add a Class.”

  1. To add or switch a course, log into WebAdvisor and go to Register or Drop Sections.

  2. Select the course you wish to add by searching in the Course Catalog or from your Progress.

  3. Go to Plan and Schedule and View Other Sections to see if the course is offered at a time that works for your schedule.

  4. When you find the course you want, click on the specific section and select Add Section.

  5. If you’re dropping a course and adding a new course, click Drop under the course you wish to drop and then click the checkbox for the course you wish to add and click Submit.

  6. If you’re adding a course without dropping, simply click Register Now on the right hand side and follow the Financial Responsibility prompts.

Please note: After the “Add a Class” date, you can no longer add a full semester course. 

Withdrawing from Courses

There is a difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course.

Dropping a course is only during a specified time during the beginning of the course (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) and after the drop occurs, the course will not appear on your transcript. 

Withdrawing from a course is when you remove yourself from a course after the first three weeks of classes (less time for half semester courses, see Academic Calendar for specific dates). A W will appear next to the course on your transcript and does not affect your GPA.

The timing of the drop or withdrawal can impact your financial aid and/or financial responsibility to the college.

All students wishing to withdraw from a course or drop a course after the first week of classes need to meet with a representative to discuss academic and possible financial implications.  To withdraw from a course, see  Student Central or the Advising Center to process.