Non-Degree-Seeking Student Registration

Visiting Students & a note about Pre-Requisites

Non-Degree-Seeking Students taking college courses at Onondaga Community College to transfer back to their institution are considered Visiting Students and in most cases do not need to prove pre-requisites prior to registration. However, you will need to fill out a Visiting Student Form prior to registration for any classes that have pre-requisites. You will receive an email response within 48 business hours indicating when you may register for the courses that have pre-requisites.

If you are not a Visiting Student from another college, you may need to take Placement Exams for English, Math, or Reading prior to taking certain courses. Please refer to the course description for pre-requisite information. If you have any questions as to whether you need to take placement exams prior to enrolling in a course, please contact the Advising Center at  [email protected] or call 315-498-2904. 

Login to WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor provides students with secured access to register for classes, check your schedule, check your financial aid, view your grades, and more. 

You must first log in with your username + password.

After you have logged in...

  1. Click on Students > Non-Degree Seeking Registrants under Registration on the right hand side of the menu.

  2. Click OK to move to the next screen. This screen verifies that you have no registration blocks. If for any reason you cannot register, there will be instructions on this page.

  3. On the Agree to Pay Screen, carefully read the financial responsibility statement. Click on Yes, I Agree if you agree to the terms of the financial agreement.

    Please note: Non-Degree-Seeking Students are not eligible for financial aid. If you are a non-degree-seeking student you will be paying out of pocket for the classes you are registering for. Payment plans are available. To enroll in a payment plan, click on NelNet Payment Plan on the WebAdvisor menu under Financial Information after registration. Payment is not due at the time of registration if registering prior to the payment deadline. See billing due dates and information.

  4. Click on Search and Register for Sections

    You can search for classes on this screen. Be sure to fill in three fields. One of the fields must be the term. You can search by location, days of the week, or times of day. Once you have your three fields, click Submit.

    Search results will show with the following information:
    • Status = Open or Closed
    • Meeting Information = Days, Times, and Room Location of the class
    • Faculty = Instructor of the course
    • Available/Capacity = Available means how many seats are left in the class. Capacity is the total number of students allowed in the class. If the Available/Capacity is 23/25, there are 2 students registered for the class.
    • Credits = # of credits the class is worth.
    • Comments = Important information regarding that section of the course 

    If you want to look at the course description, click on the class itself and a new tab will open. Course descriptions will indicate pre-requisites needed to take the course.  
  5. Once you have chosen the class you wish to take, click the checkbox on the far left and click Submit.

  6. The next page is your Shopping Cart. Either select Register from the drop down menu on the top OR select Register for each course you wish to register for on the drop down menu on the left and click Submit

  7. If you have successfully registered your Total Balance and Additional Information will appear on the next screen and an email will be sent to you. If there was a problem with your registration, a message will appear with further instructions. 

Withdrawing from Courses

The difference between dropping and withdrawing is:

Dropping a course is during a specified time during the beginning of the course (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) and after the drop occurs, the course will not appear on your transcript. 

Withdrawing from a course is when you remove yourself from a course after the first three weeks of classes (less time for half semester courses, see  Academic Calendar for specific dates). A W will appear next to the course on your transcript and does not affect your GPA.

The timing of the drop or withdrawal can impact your financial aid and/or financial responsibility to the college.

All students wishing to withdraw from a course or drop a course after the first week of classes need to meet with a representative to discuss academic and possible financial implications.  To withdraw from a course, see  Student Central or the Advising Center to process.