The safety and security of Onondaga Community College's students, faculty, staff and visitors is a high priority that is taken very seriously by the College. Providing for the safety and well-being of the members of the Onondaga Community College community is the professional responsibility of Campus Safety and Security. The College continuously evaluates the operations of Campus Safety and Security and takes action to strengthen and improve the safety and security of the campus.

Onondaga is among the safest campuses in the SUNY system. It is a matter of mutual support, caring and caution by all members of the campus community. Students, faculty, staff and visitors can do much to aid in the work of Campus Safety and Security by learning to protect themselves and their property.

We all share in the responsibility of making the learning, living and working environment at Onondaga Community College safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Campus Emergency - (315) 498-2311
Campus Safety and Security Office (non-emergency line) - (315) 498- 2478
Campus Safety and Security Director - (315) 498-2173

Onondaga Community College Annual Security Report

Emergency Management Plan

Campus Safety and Security

The goals of Campus Safety and Security are to provide protection for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to Onondaga Community College; to protect all real and personal property; and to enforce College policies and regulations and the laws of the state of New York.

The department includes a Director, two Associate Directors, thirteen campus peace officers, three campus security guards, and six Information Aides. The department provides continuous protection of all campus grounds and facilities.

Members of Campus Safety and Security have peace officer status, as defined in the New York State Criminal Procedure Law, and therefore have the power to make arrests on campus. The department has a cooperative working relationship with other local area law enforcement agencies to help maintain a safe campus atmosphere.

If an incident occurs that we believe may affect the safety, security or well-being of the College community, information concerning this matter will be distributed via the College Web site, campus electronic bulletin boards, emergency notification systems and flyers.

The OCC Blue Light Call24 System

Thirty-eight (38) Blue Light Call24 Boxes that communicate directly with Campus Safety and Security are located at various points around the campus to assist students with emergencies and information requests.

The call boxes have two buttons:

  • Red button to be pressed for:
    • Medical emergencies
    • Life threatening situations
  • White button to be pressed for non-emergencies such as:
    • Information
    • Lockout assistance
    • Jump starts
    • Directions
How To Use The Call Boxes:
  1. Press the button for help.
  2. A recording and the “call sent” light will let you know your call has been sent. The strobe beacon will activate. For an emergency situation, the siren will sound when the red button is activated.
  3. When the call is received at Campus Safety and Security, the dispatcher will automatically know your location and will inquire as to the nature of your emergency to determine what assistance is required.
  4. Push and hold the button to talk. Release to listen. (Instructions are also located on each Call Box.)