What Students, Graduates, and Alumni Are Saying About the CAL Center

"The CAL Center Coordinator I met with has been not only helpful, but also very encouraging and inspiring to me. By helping me with my post-graduation resumes (yes, more than one) as well as offering her valuable advice. I feel so much better prepared for an  exciting and rewarding career in more than one industry now! The CAL center plays a very important role in the future of many of us graduates.”        ~ Onondaga Graduate 

"The CAL Center has been an enormous resource for me as I prepared to apply for jobs within my field of study in art education. The CAL Center provided several opportunities for me to succeed such as facilitating more than one mock interview where we would meet before to discuss appropriate questions and answers, and after, to analyze the “interview”. Second, the CAL Center helped me revise and edit my resume, my art teaching portfolio and all cover letters before applying for a job. Throughout this process, I felt that the staff truly cared about me and my needs and was so committed to helping me find a job as an art teacher. I was able to meet with staff immediately without having to wait weeks for an appointment, all paperwork revisions were done within 48 hours and there was always someone I could connect with whether that was by phone or email. In addition to all this support, I was recommended to take a strengths test that would allow me to better identify my own strengths and weaknesses so that I may use that in my interview training. Overall, the CAL Center has been, and still is, a tremendous asset in preparing me for the work force. I feel comfortable seeking there help because I know they want me to succeed just as much as I do.”    ~ Onondaga Alumni  

"The service at the CAL center was exceptional, from the moment I walked in the door the staff was polite, kind and sensitive to my particular situation. They even went as far as to connect with me on a personal level while I was filling out my personal information forms. After that I went to see one of the Coordinators who sat with me for hours to really help me focus on what I wanted to say on my resume. Not only that but she emailed with me for days afterwards to ensure that I felt confident with the finished product. I live a hectic life with school, a job and a house that I constantly work on and they did all of the above on my schedule. The CAL Center is a lifesaver!”    ~ Onondaga Student  

"After months of unsuccessful job searching it occurred to me that I had a contact that was untapped. I sent my resume to the Onondaga Community College Career & Applied Learning Center. The Coordinator looked at the job I was planning to apply for and advised me to make an appointment to discuss my resume. Much to my delight, after her revisions I got 2 interviews with the first two jobs I applied for. I can honestly say that without the CAL Center’s help I would have waited a lot longer to get a job."    ~ Onondaga Student  

The staff at the CAL center is just wonderful. They were professional, thoughtful and invested in my success from the very beginning. I found myself unemployed about halfway through my first year at OCC and I knew I needed to update my resume, but I had no Idea where to begin. I sat down with the Employment Services Coordinator and she helped me to write a professional resume that helped me to land numerous interviews and eventually a job. After graduation, I was in the job market again and I contacted the CAL center to see if they would still work with me. Again, they had me come in and walked me through updating my resume. I am very grateful for their help and I am pleased that OCC has such a great on campus resource for job seekers.”    ~ Onondaga Alumni  

“I have been living in the U.S for almost four years and I find English language difficult. The CAL Center Coordinator I met with helped me overcome many language barriers by preparing and teaching me interview techniques for a Physician’s Assistant  Program. Her hard work and encouragement increased my confidence to speak well during my interview. I am grateful for her  assistance because she made it possible for me to get in the program.”    ~ Onondaga Student 

“The CAL Center provides an invaluable service to Onondaga Community College students.  I visited the Employment Services Coordinator at the CAL Center at OCC in March of 2011 because I was applying to jobs in Syracuse, NY and needed a strong resume.  I left very pleased with the resume she helped me produce and can say with all honesty that her insight helped make significant   improvements to both the content and formatting of my resume. She was able to recognize strengths and weakness in both areas and knew what I needed to do to clearly demonstrate my qualifications in a way that would stand out to potential employers.  I was also very pleased with the way she helped me.  I felt like she genuinely cared about making my resume top notch and I wasn’t just another client she had to see to meet her weekly quota.  She took the time to talk with me at length about my professional and academic experience and she was prompt with follow up emails and resume revisions.  After the resume building process was over, she helped review my cover letter.  I really appreciate the time and attention to detail she took to listen, communicate well and make sure I left with a great resume.  I would highly recommend the Career & Applied Learning Center to anyone seeking career advice or help improving his or her resume.”    ~ Onondaga Alumni 

“I feel better about my resume and cover letter than I ever have!”    ~Onondaga Alumni  

“I wish I came here earlier because it has changes my understanding to the way the job world works.”    ~ Onondaga Student 

"The CAL Center was a world of help to me. I met the Employment Services Coordinator at the Career Connections job fair when I was a SUNY Oswego student, looking for an internship. I kept her card and contacted her almost a year later when I graduated. I needed help finding a job, so I decided to take advantage of the Career & Applied Learning Center @ my Alma mater Onondaga. She truly helped me get more organized, helped me revise and edit some cover letters and resumes and even assisted in suggestions on career paths for me. She is a very hard working Coordinator and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has any questions or concerns when applying for jobs, or changing career paths, she was a great help to me."    ~Onondaga Alumni 

"Socrates was correct when he said “The un-examined Life is not worth living” I never knew how true that was until I worked on my resume with the Career & Applied Learning Center.”    ~ Onondaga Student  

“They have been really helpful so far and good about keeping in touch to check how things are going.”    ~ Onondaga Student  

"Friendly atmosphere, calm setting, and quick responses are all things people don’t usually expect when walking into a professional career help center. The Center for Applied Learning (CAL Center) goes above and beyond those expectations. All the staff were more than willing to help me with my resume that I had not updated since I was in high school. After meeting with the friendly and very knowledgeable Coordinator, we sat down updated and meticulously went over my resume and went on the job hunt together. By using helpful resources, connections, and my own advocacy shown by chasing after my dream- I had a couple job interviews lined up by the second month of Fall Semester. The Coordinator was more than willing to practice likely interview questions with me and help boost my confidence. I went to the job interview and got the job! I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it weren’t for the Coordinator’s time, patience, and understanding. The CAL center is remarkably helpful and I am delighted I had the chance to utilize it, and can continue to utilize it even as an OCC Alumni.”    ~ Onondaga Alumni