Mentoring Program

Give back to students, and provide them with an opportunity to gain insightful experience in your career field.

Mentoring Program - Alumni Mentoring Luncheon at OCC

Here's how the Mentoring Program benefited our mentors:

“I met a bright young woman whom I hope to have provided insight into careers and multiple opportunities she will have once she finishes her degree.”

- Kelly Kinahan, Kinahan Associates

“This helped me in my communication and to make sure I was giving good professional advice, but generally comprehensive advice. I would also like to hire her as an intern when she returns to classes in the fall.”

- Lauren Staniec, re-habitat

About the Program

Professionals can help their mentee navigate college, explore their field of interest, learn how to network, and solidify professional goals. Local mentors are preferred, but long-distance mentoring is an option for some individuals. 

  •  Duration of one semester 
  •  Matches are based on professional and personal interest
  •  Connect with mentee at least once a month for an hour

Contact Amy Stewart to get started!