World Languages - Resources at Onondaga

Your success in this class depends on your effort to:

  • Take a class that better matches your level of proficiency in the language (see  placement policy).
  • Be in class all of the time and for the entire class time.
  • Take full responsibility over your learning experience.
  • Actively, independently and enthusiastically engage in the learning process.
  • Make positive and enriching contributions to the class.
  • Be organized and pay attention to detail.
  • Consistently do assigned homework and study: Practice the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Drill yourself. Turn in homework on time.
  • Perform well on tests and other assessment tools.
  • Participate in cooperative learning opportunities.
  • Celebrate every small progress you make (don’t be hard on yourself).
  • Be respectful of the language and cultures being learned.
  • Be respectful of all classmates and of your instructor.
  • Get help in a timely manner from any of the Resources below.


  • Your Textbook: Use it to review material.
  • Your Professor: Stop by his/her office during office hours, or make an appointment.
  • Peer Study Groups: Start your own or ask your instructor for assistance.
  • Blackboard: Learning Management Suite of tools.
  • Computer Lab: Academic Computing Center, Helpdesk, Internet Cafes.
  • Coulter Library: Course materials are on reserve in the Media counter. Books, movies and other are also available at the Library.
  • Learning Center: content tutoring, writing skills, study skills, etc
  • Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR): If you require special accommodations for this class, visit the OAR in Gordon Student. In addition, please see your professor to discuss your individual circumstance concerning this course.

Please visit Support Services for more information regarding the above resources.