Why Study Spanish?

Personal benefits:

  • Learning other languages promotes mental flexibility.
  • It promotes cross-cultural understanding.
  • Studying Spanish opens possibilities for meeting natives.
  • Spanish language media programming is ranked number six in the United States.

Educational benefits:

  • Studying Spanish will improve your understanding of English and will facilitate the learning of other languages as well.
  • Spanish has become the de facto second language in the United States and it is increasingly the second language of choice in Europe.
  •  It has become a high-demand course of study at American universities.
  • Careers in language teaching, translating and interpreting are increasingly in demand.
  • Programs such as education, social work, criminal justice, business, art and others promote the study of Spanish.
  • Study abroad opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries are on the rise.
  • Latin culture continues to have a national and global influence.
  • You can gain access to Spanish art, science, music, literature and film.

Career opportunities:

  • We live in a global economy. 
  • Knowing Spanish opens opportunities for interesting jobs worldwide.
  • It is an official language in four continents.
  • It is the third most commonly spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and English.
  • It is the second most used language in international communication, after English.
  • It is an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO and other international organizations.
  • Latin American countries are becoming more important global commercial partners.
  • Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market segment in North America.
  • More than sixty-five U.S. federal departments and agencies have foreign language requirements.
  • Spanish teachers, professional translators and interpreters are in high demand worldwide.