Geology Club

Field Trip 2

The primary purpose of Onondaga's Geology Club is to promote geological inquiry outside the formal classroom.  The club promotes awareness of geology by means of field trips, career luncheons, attendance at professional geology meetings, and informal presentations by club members.  The club also sponsors internships, job shadowing, and study groups.  A secondary purpose of the club is to increase intellectual interchange and social interaction between students and faculty on an informal basis. 

The Onondaga Geology Club (or GeoClub) has in recent years organized field trips to:

  • the Outer Banks of North Carolina (oceanography)
  • local caves as part of an active spelunking group
  • PRI's Museum of the Earth (in Ithaca)
  • New York's American Museum of Natural History 
  • Block Island, Rhode Island (glacial geology & oceanography)
  • Cape May, New Jersey (whale watch & oceanography)
  • New Hampshire & Vermont (mineral gathering)

A more complete listing of GeoClub fieldtrips and activities can be accessed at our  GeoClub Activities site.

In addition, the GeoClub organizes:

  • a career luncheon each semester which brings in speakers to talk about careers in geology
  • Earth Day cleanups each year

If you want to know more about the GeoClub or wish to join, we hold meetings most Wednesday's (during the fall/spring semesters) during the college hour (11:15 -12:10 pm) in Ferrante 367.  Also look for our fliers around campus for planned activities.  If you want to know more contact Faculty Advisor  Brian McAninch

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