Environmental Technology Research Projects

The Environmental Technology (ETG) program currently has two student research projects; one involving the production of biofuels, and the second studying nitrate contamination in the upper Onondaga Creek watershed.


This project is studying the use of algae to produce a eco-friendly diesel-grade fuel.  This material has the advantage of utilizing available carbon (as CO2) rather than sequestered carbon (e.g. fossil fuels).  Future plans include studying cellulosic ethanol production.  This research will help biotechnology students in the ETG program receive hands-on training in biotechnology research.  More info> 

The Post-Standard recently had an article on the Biofuels project.

Nitrate contamination

In this project we are studying sources of nitrate (NO3- and NH4+) contamination in the upper Onondaga Creek watershed (Otisco, New York).  The probable source of this contamination is the application of cow manure for agricultural use in growing crops, but better understanding of the dynamics of how applied manure reaches Onondaga Creek can help provide solutions to this problem.  This research will help geoscience students in the ETG program receive hands-on training in environmental-geoscience research.  More info>  

For information on this research contact Brian McAninch (ETG program coordinator) or Doug Hagrman; or go to the ETG program website for more information.