Biofuel Research


Research on biofuels here at Onondaga Community College is based in the Environmental Technology (ETG) program, with support from the Facilities Department, Biology Department and Chemistry & Physical Sciences Department.  Lead advisors in this work, are Doug Hagrman (Chemistry) and Tom Keenan (Biology).

Planned research involves biotechnology students in the ETG program working on both algae based fuel sources and cellulosic ethanol production.  Currently, ETG program research is underway to develop stable starting media for algae-based biodiesel.  In addition, transesterification experiments have been conducted to produce diesel-type fuels in the laboratory (the photo below is the result of one of those experiments). 

Mike and Tim at OCC teach-in


If you have interest in working on these types of research contact Brian McAninch (ETG program coordinator) or Doug Hagrman; or go to the ETG program website for more information.