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Experts Guide

Welcome to the Onondaga Community College Experts Guide. If you are a member of the media looking for someone to speak on a specific topic, our experts are here to serve you. Below is a list of topics and related experts. For assistance with these or any other topics please contact Roger Mirabito at (315) 498-2054 or  [email protected].

We have experts in the following frequently asked about topics:

Please note: This guide is published for use by media professionals and is not a list of speakers. Experts listed in this publication have volunteered to make themselves available to provide information, insight or commentary on questions, issues or current events related to their respective academic interests and disciplines. Please note, however, that these experts are not spokespersons for the institution and that any comment or opinion expressed is based on his/her education and area of expertise and should not be construed to be the opinion of the College, the Board of Trustees or its administration.