Welcome to the Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research

The Department of IPAR facilitates and enhances college-wide strategic and operational planning, assessment, evaluation and research activities to ensure compliance with accreditation standards and support high quality institutional decision-making, effectiveness and continuous improvement. 

Our major functions are: 

  • Planning  
  • Assessment and Evaluation  
  • Accreditation 
  • Research  
  • Data Collection and Reporting 

Planning: Provides comprehensive services to assist the president, college leadership, and the entire campus community in developing high quality institutional plans (strategic plan, master plans, and annual operational plans) and to support annual budgeting, enrollment management and other core activities that advance the college’s strategic priorities. 

Assessment and Evaluation: Provides the institutional framework for a collaboratively planned, systematic and college-wide approach to continuous improvement.  Delivers essential information to faculty and all college constituents for improving instructional and student learning outcomes; administrative programs and services; and teaching and learning methods and strategies. 

Accreditation:  Provides oversight of accreditation processes, including the preparation and scheduling of activities and reports. Collects and maintains required institutional data for regional and professional accreditation mandates. 

Research:  Facilitates the systematic identification and prioritization of the College’s research needs in support of new initiatives or continuous improvement. Coordinates various feasibility and impact studies and provides consultation on appropriate criteria, methods and tools for measuring outcomes. Communicates and disseminates results across the campus community in order to facilitate institutional learning and increase the College’s capacity to develop innovations and achieve improved outcomes. 

Data Collection and Reporting: Provides data to internal and external constituents, including official enrollment, retention, graduation and transfer data, and survey results and findings to assess progress towards strategic and operational goals and objectives of the college. Compiles and reports institutional data for college compliance with the external reporting mandates of the Federal Government, the State of New York Higher Education, the State University of New York (System Administration), and other national data collection agencies.