Criteria for Institutional Data and Survey Requests

The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research (IPAR) receives a large volume of requests to provide data and conduct surveys or other research efforts for both internal and external constituents. IPAR requires that all requests must be submitted using the Institutional Data/Report/Survey Request Form. All requests will be thoroughly reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Projects which support initiatives of the President and the College Leadership Council.
  • Projects which directly support the strategic plan and are included in the operational plan for the academic year in question. 
  • Projects which have broad institutional impact.
  • Projects which support SUNY-wide initiatives.
  • Projects which support the institution’s regional or professional accreditation requirements.
  • Projects which support institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Additional projects will be considered based upon resource availability and time frame requested.

Note: Request processing time is dependent upon Institutional priorities and resource availability. You may be contacted if processing time is longer than the time frame requested.