Onondaga Community College
Centralized Policy Manual

Note: These policies and procedures are not contractual commitments by Onondaga Community College to its employees or students, and nothing herein should be construed as a promise of continued employment or matriculation. Moreover, the College retains the right to alter, amend, modify, or terminate any of the policies and procedures contained herein (except where restricted from doing so by applicable federal, state or local law). Subsequent changes or other action on any of the policies or procedures contained herein may be announced by computer means, including email. In such event, the updated electronic versions of the policies will take precedence over any print versions in circulation.

Table of Contents

Academic Services (A)

Administration and Governance (B)

Admissions and Student Records (C)

Campus Safety and Security (D)

Environmental Health and Safety (E)

Facilities/Buildings and Grounds (F)

Finance (G)

Human Resources (I)

Information Technology (J)

Development and Grants (K)

Intellectual Property Management (L)

Student Finance (M)

Student Services (N)