Placement Testing Overview

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Accurate course placement is a critical step towards registering for classes at OCC.  Testing Services works closely with OCC's English and math departments to determine the best ways for students to be placed.  Placement testing is often not the only tool used to figure out which English, reading and math courses mesh best with your individual skills. Students will be placed using the following:

Placement Testing:  Students who are not exempt from testing based on one or more of the options below will need to take the placement test to see what English, reading and math courses they are eligible for. These tests are very important! Think of them as your opportunity to show how ready you are for college level courses. You should review and be prepared to give your best effort. OCC uses ACCUPLACER ( computerized placement testing.  OCC's English and math departments are continually assessing the accuracy of our placement tests to insure that your results will get you into courses you can be successful in. Tests are administered on a walk-in basis during posted hours. You must have photo ID in order to test and you must have an OCC student ID number. The test will consist of English, reading and math sections which are multiple choice and un-timed. Some students may be required to write an essay. Students who have English as a second language will also take a Listening Skills test. Students will receive their test scores and placements immediately upon completion of testing.

Transfer credit (including AP & CLEP): Students who have successfully completed (grade of C or higher) a course equivalent to our ENG-103, RDG-153 and/or MAT-104 or higher will be able to take the next consecutive course at OCC after official transcripts have been received and evaluated.  Send in your official transcripts as soon as your college course work is complete. Students will be notified of their placements after official transcripts from previous institutions have been reviewed.

High school math course completion:  If you passed high school math courses and/or Regents exams with a 65% or higher less than or equal to 2 academic years ago you can refer to the chart below for your OCC math placement.        

High School Course Completed
OCC Math Course Placement
Algebra 1 or Geometry
MAT 088 or MAT 084 (0 credits)
Algebra 2/Trigonometry (without passing the Regents Exam)
MAT 104, 112, 113, 114, 114 (3-4 credits)
Algebra 2/Trigonometry (with passing Regents Exam)
MAT courses listed above and MAT 115,119, 143
MAT 115, 119, 143
MAT 161, 151

High school GPA:  If your unweighted high school GPA is an 86% or higher, you will be placed into Reading 153 College Learning Strategies (3 credits).  If your unweighted high school GPA is 91% or higher, you will be placed into Reading 153 and English 103 Freshman Composition & Literature (3 credits).

SAT Critical Reading & ACT English:  If your SAT Critical Reading Score is 500 or better, or your ACT English score is 21 or better, you will be placed into Reading 153 College Learning Strategies (3 credits) and English 103 Freshman Composition & Literature (3 credits).

After you know what your placements are, discuss them with an advisor and create a class schedule that will help you graduate on time and meet your educational goals.  If you have questions, you can email Testing Services ( or The Advising Center ( for guidance.

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