Accommodative Classroom Testing

Accommodative Testing for Students with Disabilities

The Testing Services Office offers a myriad of testing accommodations for students with disabilities.  If you received extended time, an alternate location, tests read, etc for exams when you were in high school or if you recently developed a disability, you may be eligible for testing accommodations at Onondaga.  Your first step is to submit documentation detailing your disability to the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR).  You must then complete an intake appointment with a Disability Specialist. Schedule an appointment by calling (315) 498-2245.  The nature and extent of accommodations are based on your specific disability/disabilities and are determined during your appointment with a Disability Specialist.  You will be given a form that indicates the accommodations you are eligible to use. Each semester, you will be responsible for giving a copy of the form to each of your professors so that they are aware of your accommodations.  

Though you will make your professors aware of the accommodations you are eligible for, it is your responsibility to schedule appointments to complete tests and quizzes with the Testing Services Office. Do not depend on your instructors to send exams to the Testing Services Office if you have not made an appointment in a timely fashion (at least 3 business days in advance) or have not submitted a Testing Information form.  Keep reading to see how to obtain one of these forms.

Accommodative tests are administered by appointment only.  Take the following steps to make an appointment:

  • As soon as you know the date and time of your exam, go to the Testing Services Office in the Gordon Student Center room 230C, call 498-2484 or use the  Accommodative Testing Appointment Form to set up the day and time you will need to complete your exam.  Without submitting the following information, you will not be able to make an appointment.  Have this information with you:
    • The day of your exam
    • The time of your exam
    • The name of the course the exam is for
    • The name of your professor
  • If you make your appointment in person, you will be given a pink Testing Information form to give to your instructor.  This form indicates all of the details of your appointment.  If you make your appointment over the phone or by using the online form, the details of your appointment will be sent to your professor by Testing Services. 
  • On the day of your appointment, come to the Testing Services Office.  You will be asked for photo ID.  It is important that you arrive on time and ready to start your exam. Students who arrive late may not be able to make up lost time or be able to use their full time extension.
  • Students should make appointments to test with accommodations as early as possible. 

It is expected that all students who use the Testing Services Office will abide by these basic rules:

  1. Make testing appointments as far in advance as possible and arrive on time.  If appointments are not made far enough in advance, your test and other resources (space, time, computers, etc) may not be available.  If you arrive late, you may not be able to make up lost time and receive your full time extension.
  2. Once you start testing, breaks are not permitted unless allowed by your OAR approved accommodations.  Use the restroom, make phone calls, and take care of any other personal business prior to starting your test.  
  3.    Only items specified by your instructor will be allowed in the Testing Room.  All other belongings must be left in the testing office.  The Testing Services Office is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:
    1. Academic Integrity is very important to us. Your instructor will be notified of any suspicious behavior and/or use of prohibited aids.  At your instructor’s discretion, testing may be terminated and voided.

    Questions? Email testing staff at

    Accommodative Placement Testing

    If you believe you need testing accommodations in addition to time extension or quiet space for placement testing, you MUST first submit documentation of your disability to the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) (IEP, psychological evaluation, etc). Once your documentation is received and evaluated, you will be contacted by the Testing Services Office with details about when to complete placement testing with accommodations. Documentation can be faxed or mailed to the OAR office:


    (315) 498-2977


    Accessibility Resources Office
    Onondaga Community College
    4585 W. Seneca Tnpk
    Syracuse, NY 13215