Testing Services

Photo ID is required for all testing.

The Testing Services Office is located on the first floor of Coulter Library, room C103).  Construction is taking place throughout the rest of the library until the remainder of the project is complete.  We will provide ear plugs to all test takers and all test rooms will be equipped with white noise machines to minimize any construction noise.

Testing Services is committed to providing students and the community a secure, distraction-free and state-of-the-art testing facility that promotes success and assures that results are of the utmost quality and accuracy. We maintain and adhere to all standards set forth by the National College Testing Association (NCTA). In addition, we are dedicated to offering an atmosphere that encourages students, faculty, staff and community members to readily approach us for our numerous services which currently include:

  • Placement testing for prospective students (including testing with accommodations)
    • Testing Schedule 
    • Accommodative testing for current students - Accommodative Testing Appointment Form
    • Prep for Success: English & Reading Workshops  There are currently no more Prep for Success: English & Reading Workshops scheduled.  Please check back in the future for updates!
    • Prep for Success: Math Workshops  
      • There are currently no more Prep for Success: Math workshops scheduled. Please check in with the Math Diagnostics office about your options. (315) 498-2328

    • Now available FREE to all Onondaga area students!!
      Querium MathBooster for Accuplacer 
        Click here for more information and to register now! It's free!

  • Proctored Exams
  • Off campus placement testing
  • CLEP testing
  • Nursing tests
  • Certification/licensure exams

Contact info Testing Services is located on Onondaga's main campus in Coulter Library, room C103.  

Partners and organization memberships

  • NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines
  • The CollegeBoard 
  • Consortium of College Testing Centers
  • Castle Worldwide
  • Assessment Technologies Institute


Testing Services Academic Integrity Policy

Placement Testing

If/when a student is caught using unapproved aids (including but not limited to: scientific/graphing calculator, dictionary, thesaurus, Google or other internet search engines, etc) the student must be removed from the placement testing lab and will be informed of penalties by mail within ten business days. Students caught using unapproved aids will be allowed to re-test after three months from the initial test date have elapsed.

Accommodative Testing

If/when a student is caught using unapproved aids during a test taken with accommodations, the student will be asked to stop testing. The exam along with any aids that were used (notes, book) or a detailed description of the aids used (cell phone, internet search, etc) will be sent to the course Instructor. The Instructor will follow through with his/her department’s academic integrity policy.

Proctored Exams for other Institutions

Each institution has its own academic integrity policy that the student is responsible to know. Each institution sends specific instructions to OCC proctors regarding the way academic dishonesty should be handled. If you are unsure of your institution’s policy, contact your course Instructor, refer to your course syllabus or see your school’s student handbook.