College-Level Examination Program®

The College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP) is a nationwide credit-by-examination program that offers students the opportunity to obtain recognition for college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. Onondaga Community College is a CLEP National Open Test Center. The college grants CLEP credit when these examinations cover material comparable to that covered in courses offered by Onondaga Community College in areas that can be applied to an associate's degree. If credit has been granted through examination prior to a student's application to Onondaga, an official transcript must be sent to the Office of Registration and Records.  For CLEP examinations, you must meet the minimum score to receive credit. OCC does not grant credit for modern language CLEP tests. If you are not attending Onondaga, check with the institution you will be attending to verify that CLEP credits will be accepted.

All CLEP exams are computer-based and are offered on the main campus throughout the year inthe Testing Services Office. CLEP test administration is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2pm-4pm. Test takers can schedule an appointment start time between those hours; an appointment is necessary. CLEP is not available on Saturdays, at the North Site or at the Educational Opportunity Center.  CLEP will be unavailable in 2016 on the following dates: March 1, April 26 & 27, May 10 & 11. CLEP testing will not be available when the college campus is closed for holidays, snow days, or when the Testing Services Office is closed for maintenance. Check our Testing Schedule to see if there are days other than holidays when Testing Services will be closed. 

CLEP tests are hard. You can purchase review materials directly from the college board or you can find review books at the Reserves desk at OCC's Coulter Library. 

Steps to Take CLEP Exams

Please note: CLEP testing is not available on Saturdays or at the North Site or Educational Opportunity Center locations.

  1. Pay the CLEP fee and register to take an exam online through the My Account Registration Portal. This is the only way to pay the $80 CLEP exam fee. For questions about paying the CLEP exam fee, contact the College Board CLEP program directly. If you are taking CLEP to transfer credit to OCC, click here and scroll to page 3 to see what CLEP credits OCC accepts. If you’re taking CLEP to transfer credit to an institution other than OCC, check with that institution to make sure you are taking the correct CLEP test(s). Please note: Testing Services administers CLEP foreign language exams but does not accept them for credit.  Testing Services does not administer any optional essays for CLEP exams.
  2. Print a copy of your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket. You will need to present this to the test proctor on the day of your exam.
  3. Go to and complete registration.  You will only have to complete registration once.
  4. After you have registered log in to and select the CLEP Exam Appointment Schedule.  You will be directed to the scheduling page. (Note that you will not be able to schedule an appointment for the current day).
  5. Appointments are available on  Tuesdays and Wednesdays between the hours of 2pm and 4pm. Select the day and time you would like to take your exam.  You will receive a confirmation email once you have made your appointment. CLEP will be unavailable in 2016 on the following dates: March 1, April 26 & 27, May 10 & 11.
  6. You will need to have government issued photo ID when you arrive for testing. You will not be allowed to test unless you have government issued photo ID that contains both an up to date photo and signature (driver’s license, passport, etc). Please note that expired government issued ID will not be accepted.
  7. Come to the Gordon Student Center on Onondaga’s main campus 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. In the main lobby, go to Student Accounts to pay the $26 proctoring fee for each test you will be taking. This fee is non-refundable.
  8. After you have paid this fee, go to the Testing Services waiting area and, using the ticket kiosk located there, select a ticket for Testing Services. Have a seat in our waiting area and a proctor will assist you shortly. 
  9. A proctor will meet you and will ask for the following: Current (not expired) government issued photo ID that contains both your picture and signature, your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket and your receipt from the Student Account's office to verify that the $26 fee was paid.
    • Note: CLEP for Veterans/Military - The $26 exam proctoring fee is waived for retired and active duty Military. Active Duty Military members will also have their $80 CLEP fee waived. Retired Military must submit proof of service to have proctoring fee waived. Active duty candidates must submit a current military ID prior to testing. Visit the CLEP website for more details on fee waivers, ID requirements and possible reimbursement for Military & Veterans. 
  10. After check-in, you will be started on your exam.

Please note: CLEP testing is not available on Saturdays or at the North Site or Educational Opportunity Center locations.

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