What is the Accuplacer?

You might be thinking, College placement test? But I already got accepted to my school, I have nothing else to worry about. That is not exactly true.  You may have been accepted to college, but your work is not over. Before registering for classes, you may have to take the Accuplacer, a placement test for students who either didn’t take the SAT or ACT or scored below your college’s cut off score, or are returning to college after a long break. The test assesses your academic knowledge in mathematics and language arts so that your college advisor can place you into classes based on what you know. Think of it as the gatekeeper between you and the classes you want to take.

Why Should I Prep for the Accuplacer?

Let’s say you get a high score on the Accuplacer. What happens? Well, you’ll be able to go straight into classes that will count towards your degree. If, however, you get a low score, you’ll be required to take non-credit, remedial courses for which you will need to pay tuition and purchase course materials. Each remedial course can cost you around $350. If you are concerned about money, what about your time? On average, you'll spend about 50 hours in the classroom per semester-long course and another 100 hours doing homework. That’s a total of 150 hours of your life for a course you may not have needed if you had prepared for the placement test.