Placement Test Re-Test Policy*


ALL students are allowed one Reading re-test (if original scores placed them in a non-credit course) within 3 months of their initial test date. Completion of a reading workshop is required for students who wish to test for a third time.


Did you place into a non-credit English, Reading and/or Math course? Would you like to re-take the placement test in one or both of these areas? You are invited to participate in a workshop that is designed to improve your writing, Reading and/or Math skills. After completing one of these workshops, you will be able to re-take the English, Reading and/or Math placement test. Workshops are free of charge! Space is limited and will be filled on a first come first served basis so sign up now! RSVP, find dates, times and locations for workshops on the web at


If you completed the Sentence Skills Diagnostic test, you will have access to a free, online, customized 10- week learning plan. Successful completion of this plan will make you eligible to re-take the English placement test. See your score report for more details.

The Writing Sample

The writing sample (essay) is automatically administered to students who are eligible for it (to be writing sample eligible, Sentence Skills score must be 76-85). It is considered the Sentence Skills/English re-test and is given as an essay at the end of the placement test. 


Students must complete Querium’s MathBooster for Accuplacer or a math department workshop in order to re-take the math placement test. For more information, go to  

*re-test fee pending