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Onondaga’s Top 6 Reference Resources

  1. Academic Calendar - The Academic Calendar provides useful dates to help navigate through the semester. Important dates include days to register and withdraw from classes, examinations as well as scheduled college closings and breaks.
  2. Academic Rules - The Academic Rules are located in the College Catalog but may also be a standalone publication. The Academic Rules are the guides used to ensure the academic and scholastic standards of the college are maintained and applied fairly across all disciplines and for every student. The information includes definitions for common terms such as matriculation and course load, and it offers procedural information on academic integrity and grade disputes. Academic Rules also includes information on degree requirements and how to obtain course waivers and substitutions.
  3. College Catalog - The College Catalog is published yearly and provides overall information about the history of Onondaga as well as serves as the official information resource on academic and student services matters of the college. Topics include tuition and fees financial aid, academic and degree information as well as student and residence life information. The College Catalog includes many of the policies and procedures of the college that directly impact students, such as the Student Code of Conduct, Academic Program Information.
  4. Code of Conduct, “The Code” – Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures - Through the college’s disciplinary process, students and guests of the College learn the importance of accepting personal responsibility for behavior that violates community standards. “The Code” outlines the rights of students and the procedures used to enforce standards. This contributes to teaching appropriate behaviors as well as protecting the rights of individuals and the campus community from disruption and/or harm. “The Code” includes student specific policies that are also set forth in the College’s Centralized Policy Manual, the College Catalog and the Residence Life Keys to Residence Hall Living Handbook. Failure to comply with “The Code” may result in disciplinary action. If a student is found to be responsible for an unacceptable behavior, sanctions can include a verbal warning up to dismissal from the College depending on the violation. Students, their guests, visitors to the campus as well as Onondaga employees and affiliates are expected to cooperate fully with the disciplinary process. 

Below are links to more information about key areas of the College. If you would like to speak directly with a campus Enrollment Associate please email [email protected] or call (315) 498-2000.