Frequently Asked Questions

      How many meals can I eat a week?
      You can eat as many meals a week as the meal plan you signed up for.

      How many meals can I eat a day?
      You can use up to three meals a day- breakfast, lunch and dinner; and one per day on the weekend.

      Can I use more than 1 meal during a meal period?
      To ensure that you have plenty of meals to eat through the week you can only use one meal per meal period.

      What happens if I do not eat all my meals during a week?
      The meals do not carry from week to week. For the 10, 12, and 14 meal plans, any unused meals expire at the end of Sunday lunch. For the 8 meal plan any unused meals will expire Friday after dinner.

      What is a meal?
      Generally a meal consists of one entrée, two sides and one beverage. To make it easier to tell what is available we coded all menu items by shape and color, depicted on the signage:

      One Entree - Red Star

      One Beverage - Green Square

      Two Sides - Blue Circle

      If you take one red item, two blue items and one green item per meal that is a meal.

      What if I want a different side to go with the meal than what is advertised?
      As long as you take one red, two blues and one green everything is great, the choices of items are up to you.

      What if I want something extra with my meal?
      If you want something extra with your meal you can always pay for it with cash, credit card, declining balance card or you can use your flex.

      What is Flex?
      It is an added bonus with all meal plans. It can be used like cash at OCC Gordon Café, Mawhinney Café, Starbucks or Fresh Express. Flex dollars can be used to purchase any items at any of these locations.

      When can I use my Flex?
      You can use it during any operating hours at any dining outlet on any meal plan day. You can also spend as much as you wish at any time during the semester.

      What if I do not use all of my flex?
      You must use all your flex dollars before the semester is over because it does not rollover.

      What if I lose my Lazer Card?
      Your Lazer Card is necessary to use a meal plan and your flex at dining establishments. If you lose your card you must get a new one at the Lazer Card office located in the lobby of the SRC Arena. For your protection, you are allowed to use your card only, not someone else’s, at any time in the cafeteria.

      What if I forget to bring my Lazer Card?
      If you forget your Lazer Card, you will need to pay for your meal using cash, credit or declining balance. Save your receipt and return it to the cafeteria within 24 hours and we will refund your meal and swipe your card to deduct the meal.

      What if I want to add or adjust a meal plan?
      All changes to meal plans must be completed by submitting the meal plan change form to the Residence Life Office. All changes must be completed before close of business on Friday of the third full week of each semester.

      What if I have special dietary restrictions?
      American Food and Vending is committed to providing nutritional meals for all students, including students with special dietary needs, and will always provide meals that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low calorie and/or low sugar. If your dietary needs/restrictions are more specific than the ones just listed, please fill out the Special Dining Request form.

      Dining on Campus

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      OCC Dining Services

      At Onondaga, we believe that eating on campus is an important part of your college experience. This is why we offer a variety of menu choices at our three locations.

      From pizza and pasta to traditional favorites like hamburgers and fries, you will be sure to find what you are looking for to satisfy your dining needs. Looking for healthier options? Try one of our fresh, made-to-order salads or sandwiches or rice bowls and yogurt parfaits. And to satisfy that sweet craving, stop by Starbucks and try one of our specialty drinks and a fresh baked pastry. Whatever you are in the mood for you will be sure to find it at any of our locations.

      And the best part: You can use your LAZER CARD.  

      To add funds to your LAZER CARD go to Lazer Card Login

      Meal Plans

      Onondaga offers a variety of meal plans to meet the needs of students living on campus. More information

      Dining Locations

      Gordon Dining Commons

      The Dining Commons offers specialty salads, pasta, pizza, calzones, deli sandwiches, rice bowls, sushi, burgers and more. View the Gordon Dinning Menu.


      Fresh Express


      Mawhinney Café

      Mawhinney Cafe offers deli sandwiches, pizza, salads, and an extensive grab and go menu of options. 


      Starbucks Café

      The Starbucks cafe offers sandwiches, wraps, salads, tazo teas, frappuccino, smoothies and, of course, Starbucks coffee.  


      Whitney Café

      The Whitney Cafe offers coffee, frozen coffee chillers, Pepsi products, and a variety of grab and go items.


      If you have any questions, please contact Dining Services.