Onondaga's Themed Communities

What is a Themed Community?

A Themed Community is an opportunity for students who share common educational, social, or extracurricular interests the chance to live on the same floor together. Additional staff is available to provide extra support for students living in themed communities and implement added programming connected to the particular theme of the community. Students living in their requested Themed Community get to explore their passions with other students who share similar interests.

Why Should I Join a Themed Community?

Research has shown that there are many reasons why students should join a Themed Community! Students who participate in themed communities:

  • experience a positive and smooth transition into college!
  • tend to become more involved on campus and have higher GPAs.
  • are afforded opportunities for personal growth.
  • provided great leadership and resume building opportunities.
  • attend special events and programming opportunities that link to the community theme.

How Do I Join a Themed Community?

Space is limited! Students who are interested should express their interest on their Housing Application by checking the Themed Communities of interest. Once you express an interest you will be emailed information about your selected Community.

What are the Themed Communities I Can Join?

Business Careers: This community brings students together who are majoring in Business. This community strives to assist students in their course completion, awareness of business careers, and networking skills through social and educational programming. Students in this community will be advised to take 2 courses required for Business majors.

Criminal Justice: This community brings students together who are interested in or pursuing careers in the fields of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. This community strives to assist students develop their skills by providing opportunities to interact with professionals who are currently in the field and by taking trips to support their career exploration. Students in this community will be advised to take a Criminal Justice course together.

Experiencing American Politics: Live with others who are interested in American government and the political system. Students will participate in both on and off campus events that will allow them to engage in the presidential election. Students in this community will be advised to take American National Politics and First Year Seminar.

Green Community: Live with other students who are interested in sustainability and living green. Residents will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge through programming opportunities and explore how majors and careers connect to current issues in sustainability.

Honors: Are you eligible to join the Honors Program? Being a part of this community is a great way to live with peers who have similar academic drive and ambition.

Leadership : Live with other students committed to developing their leadership potential. Regardless of what your interests are, this active community will connect you to the campus community early on. Programs and activities will assist you to branch out and get involved on campus and in the community and develop your personal and collaborative leadership skills.

Musical Arts: Are you a Music Major? This community is designed to provide students studying music with the opportunity to pursue their musical interest beyond the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to engage in programs, concerts, and performances both on and off campus.

Pre-Health Careers: This community brings students together who are interested in pursuing careers in health, medicine, and nursing. This community helps students to explore these professions through social and educational programming and connections to campus and community resources. Students in this community will be advised to take Biology and Intro to Health Careers courses together.

Quiet Lifestyle: Live with like-minded individuals who like to have a good time, but also make academics their first priority. Participants will live in a community that promotes an environment of quiet living and no excessive noise 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wellness & Healthy Living:

This community provides the opportunity for students of all interests to live in an environment that focuses on a goal of having a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Students in this community agree to substance-free housing. Programs and activities will allow students to make informed choices about their physical, emotional, social, and intellectual wellness.