Helpful Web Sites

SUNY College and Program Information

SUNY Transfer Paths 
A resource to review possible transfer paths at SUNY campuses.

SUNY Degree Program Search
A resource to review academic programs at SUNY campuses.

SUNY Course Equivalencies
A resource to review course equivalencies at SUNY colleges and universities.

SUNY Application
The on-line application for SUNY campuses. If you graduate from Onondaga Community College you get 7 applications for free. 

General College Search Resources

New York State Private College Search
A transfer college search engine for private colleges in New York State. 

Learn How to Become
A college search engine with New York state’s best colleges are ranked, explore outreach and assistance programs, find out the real cost of attending school, and see how New York colleges compare with those nationwide.

A common search tool with advice on how to plan a transfer from a community college to a four-year school.

The Common Application
The on-line application for many private schools. You are charged an application fee for each application.  Some colleges have an "in-house" on-line application which is sometimes free. Check with transfer admissions at schools you are considering.  Do not use this for SUNY schools.