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Interested in a career combing technology, law and problem solving? Do you have strong investigative skills and understand the ins and outs of all the latest technology? Then you’re a perfect fit for Onondaga’s Computer Forensics program.

The program provides students with a strong foundation in computer science, criminal justice and forensic science ideal for transfer into a bachelor’s program in computer forensic science or Information Security. 

What You Will Learn:

Computer Forensics majors complete a diverse series of coursework in law, criminology, computer design, computer network architecture and more. You’ll learn everything from the intricacies of the justice system to the inner workings of computer technology. Electives in liberal arts, sciences and mathematics round out your academic experience.

What It Is Like:

As computers continue to play a key role in today’s society, they become more and more integrated into our legal system thanks to the evidence they can hold. Students in the program learn how to effectively merge solid foundations in criminal justice and computer science to best analyze, investigate and recover computer data. You’ll explore several facets of law and utilize that knowledge to crack legal evidence within computers and other forms of electronic media.

Where It Can Take You:

Students with an associate degree in computer forensics are encouraged to continue their education toward bachelor’s and master’s degrees. 

It is important that students who plan to transfer after completing their studies at Onondaga consult from the beginning of their academic program with an OCC advisor and a contact at the transfer college to make sure both OCC's degree requirements and transfer requirements are being meet. You can view current information on  transfer agreements on our Transfer Services page.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, future job opportunities are expected to be favorable for qualified computer forensic investigators. Opportunities include positions in fields such as criminal forensics, cybersecurity, information security, data analytics and more.

Organizations hiring people with computer forensics degrees include:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Homeland Security