English at Onondaga - Literary Study and Composition

The Department of English, Integrated Learning Studies and Communication Studies provides the compulsory courses of composition at Onondaga Community College. These compulsory courses are ENG 103: Freshman Composition and Literature I and ENG 104: Freshman Composition and Literature II. Together this sequence provides students with the necessary skills for developing and writing college-level expository prose. In addition, for students not yet prepared for ENG 103, the department offers ENG 099: Basic composition, a developmental writing course that offers more individualized instruction and intensive practice. 

The department also offers a wide variety of courses in literary study. These courses can be devoted to generic study, thematic exploration, or the study of coherent literary traditions. All the literary study courses develop the ability to critically engage and appreciate the various forms of literature that humans have created throughout their history. 

Finally, the department offers a selection of creative writing courses at Onondaga Community College including creative nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and drama. These courses each introduce students to the formal dimensions and other issues germane to the different genres of creative writing, and they then provide students with an opportunity to write and revise their own original work.