The journalism minor at Onondaga has a focus on solid news and feature reporting and writing. With work done for the collegiate newspaper, The Overview, students get hands-on publishing experience and news clips they can use when applying to four-year-colleges or internships. Students transfer to SUNY schools, such as Oswego, Buffalo State and Cortland, and private institutions, such as LeMoyne College or Syracuse University.

Students in the minor are required to take Introduction to Journalism and Mass Media (ENG/JRN 121) and Writing for the Media (ENG/JRN 251). They are encouraged to take the two newspaper production classes, JRN 123 and 253. The first class, which is one credit, meets every Wednesday during College Hour. JRN 253, two-credits, is reserved for student serving as editors.

Additional journalism coursework and applicable electives, for a total of 12 credits, should be taken in consultation with the coordinator of the journalism minor.