English, Integrated Learning Studies and Communication Studies Courses

Upper level English courses are available to satisfy a wide range of interests including creative writing, women's literature, surveys of British and American literature, report and technical writing, children's literature and folklore.

Credit level Reading courses are designed for students who are interested in improving their academic performance in college with emphasis on critical reading and study skills and/or development of vocabulary.  Non-credit reading courses are intended for students who need further development of their reading skills to meet the challenges of college level reading.

Communication courses address a wide range of topics including public speaking, argumentation, conflict management, interpersonal, small group, gender and intercultural communication.  All are designed to enhance student understanding of the communication process in a range of contexts.

Students interested in Journalism can take coursework at Onondaga to explore the field and acquire skills in writing for media.  Some of the Journalism coursework is offered in coordination with the Electronic Media degree program.

The department also offers Cinema courses for students who are interested in the artistic aspects of film and want to develop their abilities to view film critically and analytically.  Courses are offered that focus on themes in film such as the American Hero and on the work of particular directors such as Stanley Kubrick.