Medical Terminology -- Online

This course offers a clear and concise introduction to medical terminology with extensive opportunities for student practice. It reviews word components and basic principles for interpreting terms within each of the major medical specialties. The course does not require any previous knowledge of science or biology. The skills students obtain through this course will benefit them in any health care field they choose to pursue.

The key areas and topics are skills for identifying, spelling, and analyzing medical terms; learning word structure including root words, prefixes, combining forms, and suffixes; review of major medical specialties and associated body systems; introductory anatomy and physiology and common pathologies; major drug classifications, diagnostic tests, and treatment procedures; and medical abbreviations and symbols.

This course, offered through our online partner Health Ed Today, is highly interactive with 24 hour instructor support, engaging labs, student exercises and course videos, textbooks and materials, and a student website with career resources. To experience a course demo, visit To register, contact Economic Workforce Development at