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Become a Notary Public in NYS

This course will cover information to prepare you for the New York State Notary Exam. Taught by an experienced, practicing professional, the course will review the laws and procedures specific to the field in easy-to-understand language and include information on best practices. It is recommended that students review the NYS Division of Licensing Services website at www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/notary/notary.htmland Notary Public License Law before the class date.

Course Prefix & Number: PRF-CE-001
Title: Become Notary Public
Tuition: $39


Section # 001 002003
Days T TT
Time 9am - 12pm 6 - 9pm9 am - 12pm
Date 9/16/14 10/21/1411/18/14
Location Main Campus Main CampusMain Campus


Section # 001
Days T
Time 9am - 12pm
Date 1/20/15
Location Main Campus