Students and Parents

Did You Know?

Students that participate in the Onondaga College Credit Now program compared to other students:

  • Have a higher average in college
  • Have a higher graduation rate from college
  • Are more likely to graduate on time

Registration Dates

Fall Semester First Two Weeks of Classes (September)
Spring Semester First Two Weeks of February

College Credit Now - Student and Parent Guide

The College Credit Now - Student and Parent Guide provides information about College Credit Now (CCN), advantages, registration information, tuition and fees, and more.

Transcript Requests

Students and alumni are able to request transcripts via WebAccess or by submitting a written request to Student Central. Transcripts are generally sent within 4 business days. During end of term grading /degree conferral periods, transcript shipping may be held due to processing.

Step 1: Go to the Onondaga Community College website at
Step 2: At the top of the homepage under Info For….select Current Students
Step 3: At the top of the page click on Student Central
Step 4: In the middle of the page click on Transcript Request

If you experience any problems when ordering your transcript, please refer to our transcript FAQ page, which has answers to many common questions regarding transcripts, the request process, and transcript shipping.

TranscriptRequest Form (PDF)
WebAccess Transcript Request


  • If you do not have an account or can no longer login to WebAccess, contact the Help Desk at (315)498-2999.
  • Transcripts prior to 1999 cannot be requested via WebAccess. Please submit a written request using the Transcript Request Form (PDF).
  • We cannot accept transcript requests from third parties without student authorization. Please direct the student to complete our transcript request form to provide authorization.

Transcript Fee

Onondaga charges $10 per transcript

Unofficial Transcripts

We do not issue unofficial transcripts. Current students have 24/7 access to unofficial transcript views via their WebAccess account. If you do not have or can no longer login to WebAccess, contact Student Central at (315)498-2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the College Credit Now (CCN) program?
It is a program that allows you to take Onondaga Community College courses at your high school. They are taught by your high school teachers during the regular school day.

How do I know if my high school participates in College Credit Now?
Review the list of participating schools to see if your school is listed. If you find it, see your Guidance Counselor for a list of course options offered at your school.

How much does it cost to take a College Credit Now course?
The course is free to high school students.

How do I enroll in classes that my school offers?
You enroll online with the assistance of your classroom teacher. Be sure to note the deadlines for registrations. They are important!

How do these courses help me?
First they help you gain admission to the college of your choice. Colleges and universities can see that you are capable of college level work. Second, in many cases the credits you earn can be transferred to the college or university of your choice, giving you a head start on your degree. Be sure that you check with the Admissions office of the college you will attend for the transferability of your credits.

Glossary of College Terms

Audit: Enrolling in a college course without receiving a grade or credit.

Certificate of Residency: A Certificate that is issued by the county a student lives in verifying the residency. This is required for all students that live outside of Onondaga County.

Concurrent Enrollment: Enrolling in a college course at your high school that allows students to receive high school and college credit.

Co-Requisite: Course required to be taken at the same time as another course.

Course codes/numbers: Numbers and letters that identify the department and courses (example: ENG 103)

Credit Hour: The value assigned to a course based on the number of hours spent in the class. For a 3 credit hours course, students spend approximately 3 hours in the classroom each week.

Cumulative Index (GPA): The mathematical formula used for each student to measure their success in course work.

Degree Requirements: Requirements for a specific college program or major. These may include specified courses and grade point average.

Drop/Withdrawal: Students officially are removed from a course. If done within the college parameters, these courses will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Electives: Credit courses of choice which may be taken toward a degree in any curriculum.

General Education Courses: Courses from a variety of disciplines or content areas that are required for all college programs of study. They typically include English, Social Science, and mathematics.

GPA (Grade Point Average): The numerical value calculated for a student based on the Cumulative Index.

Incomplete: The status of a student’s grade in a course if they have failed to complete major elements of the course due to circumstances beyond their control. This grade is given at the professor’s discretion. Typically the student has an additional semester to complete the coursework. If completion does not occur the “I” status becomes and “F”.

Non Matriculated Student (NM): A student that has not applied to or been accepted in the a program at the college. All CCN students are coded as NM.

Placement Testing: Students may be required to take a computer based exam to be eligible to enroll in particular college courses. Onondaga CC uses ACCUPLACER, an exam developed by The College Board, the same agency that developed the SAT and ACT exams.

Pre-Requisite: A course which must be taken before a student may enroll in a different course. For example, students must take ENG 103 before enrolling in ENG 104.

Registration: Process by which a student formally enrolls in a college course.

Student Accounts: The office at a college responsible for invoicing students and accepting payments for tuition.

Student ID #: A random number that is assigned to each student that enrolls at a college including CCN students. It is generated by the college data system based on information provided by the student including SS# and date of birth.

SUNY: Abbreviation for the State University of NY system. All NYS community colleges, including Onondaga CC, are part of SUNY as are the 4 year state institutions.

Syllabus: A summary of the college course. This is a legal contract that each professor/ instructor is required to provide students. It contains specific information about the course such as an outline of what will be covered, schedule of test dates and due dates for assignments and the grading policy.

Transcript: An official record of the courses taken and the grades received. An official transcript may be requested from the college for a fee.

Transfer of Credits: The ability to have credits move from one college to another. Transfer requires that an official transcript be sent to the new institution. The new institution determines if and how the credits will be apply toward a program or degree.

Applying to Onondaga

Click here for full details on applying to Onondaga.

Onondaga Community Scholars Program

Onondaga Community College has a new scholarship program, “Onondaga Community Scholars,” which provides qualified students with scholarships of up to $1,000 - saving students and families approximately 25 percent of tuition costs. The program helps provide financial assistance to students directly from high school, adults who have been in the workforce and wish to begin college, and former Onondaga students who did not complete a degree and are within 15 credits of completion.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance and demonstrated financial need. Interested students must complete an Onondaga Community College free online Admission Application AND a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before completing the Onondaga Community Scholar’s application.

Students are encouraged to apply early. Click here for more info.

Onondaga Community College has applied for East Syracuse Minoa High School, West Genesee High School, Solvay High School and Baldwinsville High School to move from the currently approved status of “Instructional Site” to “Additional Location” status. This change is pending approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.