2014 Classes 


Have you ever wondered how space transportation works? This course will give you an opportunity to design, construct, and test a real rocket - one that is powered by water pressure. Your rocket design ideas will be simulated and tested on a three-dimensional engineering program, and you can design your rocket to release a parachute, carry an egg back to earth, or compete in the longest and highest flight competition. It’s up to you, as an aerospace engineer, to design a rocket that will complete your mission! Students will need an empty 2 liter soda bottle. This is a double period class. Instructor: Scott Stagnitta


Meet the American Girls, new and archived, and explore the time periods in which they lived. Learn about the games they played and make crafts reflective of their time. American Girl dolls are not necessary for this class, but participants may bring their dolls into class on Friday. Instructor: Megan Dennehy


Journaling with a twist! Who says you have to use words to write a journal entry?! Join us and learn unique techniques in this class to create pages that describe your mood, favorite memories, and all the things about YOU. Painting, gluing, cutting, stamping and drawing—we’ll do it all! Instructor: Bailey Pfohl


Students will take art history to the extreme when learning about past and present artists. This class is not a lecture but a project-based class where students will learn about famous artists and their works. Students will then create their own version of what they have learned. Students will need to bring in a smock and a large box to transport projects. Instructor: Lindsay Therrien


Here’s your chance to try a new sport.  Learn the how to shoot, dribble, pass, and rebound in game situations.  You will play different types of games – knockout, elimination and 3-second pass.  This fun class will focus on the fundamentals of basketball while teaching fair play and sportsmanship.  This is an outdoor class. Instructor: Paris Gregor


¡Bienvenidos! is an immersive, week-long experience where students will explore the food and fun of Spain and the Latin American countries. Throughout the week, students will learn basic Spanish vocabulary. They will learn about the festivals and customs in countries such as Peru by studying the culture and making piñatas. Students will also contrast the unique character of foods from countries like Ecuador and Costa Rica by conducting a “taste test.” Students need to bring in an empty oatmeal canister or coffee can and an 8” x 10” piece of cardboard. Instructor: Lauren Prestnopi


Looking for just simple, low-tech fun? In this course, we will learn about and play classic games and brand new games in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. You will learn the rules and winning strategies for several games throughout the week. Come join this board game bonanza! Instructor: Jennifer Blansett or Casey Sunser


Learn the basics of weaving several pieces of colored gimp into a three-dimensional design. We’ll start with the basic square knot and then move on to learning spiral knots, butterfly knots, and more. We will also learn how to make friendship bracelets by knotting embroidery floss and learn the difference between the candy stripe and the chevron patterns. Instructor: Megan Dennehy


In this class, we will be exploring all sorts of activities designed to challenge your mind. With puzzles, riddles, contraptions, and much more, your brain will be in tip-top shape by the end of the week! Instructor: Bailey Pfohl


In this class, students will learn about the history and design of castles. Students will review pictures and watch videos of castles from around the world and learn about the architectural elements that form the unique castle shapes. Then students will design and build structures that will be assembled to form a fortification strong and fitting for royalty.  Students will need to bring to the first class (4) cylindrical cardboard containers, small cardboard boxes (approximately 12”x 12”), and (4) flattened cereal boxes. Instructor: Marcia Rees Conrad, AIA


King’s Corners, Rummy 500, Crazy Eights – these are just a few of the card games that you will learn how to play in this class.  You will also learn how to play solitaire, a card game you can play by yourself.  By the end of the week, you’ll be so good you will be able to teach your family and friends. Instructor: Jennifer Blanset


Do you like to draw?  Learn to draw any animal that has ever lived and some imaginary animals too.  In this class, students will examine animals’ homes, families, and food chains.  Then students will use what they have learned to draw real or fantasy creatures.  Instructor: Michael Carter 


Extra, extra… read all about it! Gather information about your week at College for Kids and produce a newspaper.  Work with other students to conduct interviews with instructors, counselors, and other campers, write stories on the computer, create comics, take pictures, and design the look of the paper.  Once done, it will be posted on the Onondaga website for all to read! Optional - students may bring in a digital camera, with a signed permission slip, from home. Instructor: Lauren Prestnopik


Do you want to learn how to play chess or just improve your chess skills? Learn about the history of chess, famous chess champions, game rules, strategies, and how to checkmate an opponent. This class is for beginning and intermediate level players. Instructor: Jim Sandford


Students will gain the knowledge and skills of hand-building with clay. By the end of the week, students will have created a variety of functional and decorative art pieces! Students need a painting smock and storage box to carry projects. Instructor: Lindsey Therrien


Students will explore the vast world of comic books and discuss different art styles, written narratives, characters, and story lines, and learn about comics in other countries. Students will then write and illustrate their very own comic story.  Students may bring in their favorite comic books and memorabilia to share with the class. Instructor: Bailey Pfohl


In this class, you will learn how to use computer-aided drafting software to draw the parts of an electric toy car.  You will receive parts as your draw them and then assemble and wire a car.  Each students will take home their car and completed CAD drawings. Students must be 12-14 years old to register for this class. Instructor: Corey Szyikowski


Do you love taking pictures?  Have you ever wondered how magazine photographers manipulate photos?  In this class, students will learn how to edit photographs, improve them, and turn them into gorgeous, fun works of art!  Students will need a digital camera (DSLR or digital point and shoot).  Instructor: Amy Davis


Do you love to cook? Do you love to eat delicious desserts? Have fun learning the basics of cooking. In this class, you will learn to read a recipe, measure, cut, and mix together to create a delicious dessert.  New recipes will be introduced this year. Instructor: Megan Dennehy


Transform a plain composition notebook into a beautiful designer journal by decorating it with scrapbook paper, ribbons, stamps, and die-cut appliques. Make a matching pen and bookmark by coordinating colors and styles. Use your new journal for school or home. Instructor: Mary Kay Molnar


Want to do something creative with all your digital pictures? This class combines scrapbooking and computers to create PowerPoint slideshows using pictures, sounds, and music. Each student will go home with a copy of their slideshow. Students will need to bring in pictures on a thumb drive. Instructor: Jennifer Blansett


Dinosaurs have inspired scientists, artists, and movie makers for over 150 years.  They filled the oceans, the continents, and the sky.  Then they disappeared from humanity for over 12,000 years.  Consider past and present dinosaur theories and share your own.  Play games that will explore how dinosaurs might have lived. Learn to draw lifelike dinosaurs as you discover different dinosaur anatomies. Classify the different dinosaurs by how, where, and when they lived. See how “Hollywood” has shaped our ideas about dinosaurs. Find out about the best dinosaur attractions in the northeast.  It's all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from the Ice Age! Instructor: Michael Carter


Test your dodging prowess and have fun playing regular Dodgeball, Jedi Dodgeball, and Resave Dodgeball. This is an outdoor class. Instructor: James Sandfor


Learn about birds native to our area, what they like to feed on, and where they like to live. Visit their natural habitat and go bird watching. Then build a bird house or feeder to take home. Come learn something new about our feathered friends. Students will need to bring a hammer to class for the construction project. Instructor: Jim Sandford


Do you enjoy books and movies about the paranormal? Here’s your chance to take a light-hearted look at psychic phenomena. You will learn the basics of card reading, palmistry, astrology, numerology, color analysis, and dream interpretation. You will study simple relaxation and meditation techniques. Activities include taking a psychic test, coloring an aura graph, calculating a numerology chart, making a magic pendulum, and imagining past lives - all for the purpose of entertaining yourself and others. Instructor: Ron Cain


This exciting, interactive class helps participants improve mathematical skills. The week’s math fun will be multiplied hundred times with the addition of food and games to aid the educational process. Recommended for ages 8 – 11. Instructor: Jennifer Blansett 


Does creating garden mosaics, making birdfeeders, folding paper flowers, and decorating flower pots sound like fun? Then this is the class for you!  We will be decorating all things pertaining to both indoor and outdoor gardens, both indoors and outdoors. Nature enthusiasts, as well as indoor lovers, are welcome in this class. Instructor: Bailey Pfohl


In this class, you’ll enjoy some of the fun and finer things in life.  Learn to make jewelry and crafts to wear and share.  Come and experience all the perks of being a girl. Students need to bring in a white T-shirt and a plastic grocery bag. Instructor: Megan Dennehy

“HAIR” IT IS! (FAM.CE-021)

“Hair” It Is! is a fun and highly interactive class where participants learn how to create and design different hair styles. If you’ve ever wondered how your hair stylist does it, now is your chance to learn! New techniques this year: headband curls, rag curls, various braiding techniques and making new hair accessories, and more. Class is taught by a licensed hair stylist. Students must come to class each day with fresh-washed hair and bring a brush and comb in a labeled Ziploc bag. Instructors: Sara Moon and Jennifer Rich-Walters


Explore the wondrous world of Harry Potter, the popular young wizard created by author J.K. Rowling. Pretend you’re a student at Hogwarts School and get “sorted” into one of four houses. Take magical classes, play wizarding games, and compete for the “house cup”. Students may bring in wizard costumes on the last day of class. Instructor: Ron Cain


In this class, campers will learn about some of our world's greatest unsolved mysteries, including the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and the Bermuda Triangle. We will explore puzzling mysteries that defy logic and create speculations on their existence.  On the last day, students will create and share their own written mystery! Instructor: Bailey Pfohl


Innovative Nails is the class for students who want to experiment with different nail applications. Participants will learn how to give manicures and apply different nail art techniques. New this year: feather nails, foil art, and paraffin wax. Students will leave each day with a new and colorful nails and a technique to practice on themselves and their friends! Instructors: Sara Moon and Jennifer Rich-Walters


Would you like to learn how to communicate without speaking a word?  Take this Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) class.  You will learn basic grammar and frequently used vocabulary, and have the opportunity to practice ASL as a whole class, in pairs, and individually.  We will play games and read books, and there will be simple, optional home projects to reinforce your learning. Instructor: Sarah Curtis


Grab your digital camera and get ready to shoot!  Students will learn how to take creative and fun pictures by learning how to use camera functions, how to light subjects without a flash, subject composition, and more. This is a hands-on class so be ready to climb onto a stool, lie on your stomach or journey outside to capture some GREAT images!  Students will need a digital camera (DSLR or digital point and shoot). Instructor: Amy Davis


Abracadabra! Amaze your friends and family with fantastic magic tricks using ordinary objects like coins, cards, and rope. Participants will also learn how to create their own magic character and perform in front of an audience. Students put on a magic show the last day of class. Students will need to bring a deck of regular playing cards, one quarter, and one handkerchief. Instructor: Ron Cain


Who said knitting was only for grandmas?! In this class, students will learn basic knitting techniques and, if time permits, some crocheting skills as well. Over the week, students will work on as many projects as their hands can produce. Don't finish your project? Not to worry. Students will get to keep their needles and yarn the so the fun can continue at home. Instructor: Bailey Pfohl


Students will learn to write simple computer programs that will bring their robots to life. In the ultimate test of the arena, the robots will battle in a 5-foot diameter ring until one is pushed out or dismantled. So let the battles begin, and let’s see whose design has what it takes to be the last robot standing. Students must be 12 – 14 years old to register for this class. This is a double period class. Instructor: Scott Stagnitt


Students will study masks as art forms. A variety of materials and techniques will be used to create replicas of decorative masks from other cultures.  Students will need to bring in a smock and a large box to transport projects. Instructor: Lindsay Therrien


Design, construct, and test a vehicle that is powered by a single mousetrap. By designing and building your mousetrap vehicle, you will turn your ideas into a working machine. Your goal is to see how far your vehicle can travel. Using Math, Science, and Technology, you can create an amazing mousetrap vehicle. This is a double period class.  Instructor: Scott Stagnitta


Architects help their clients visualize the final building concept by creating scale models.  In this class, students will work in a simulated architect’s office as model builders with two clients: “The Patio Donut Shop” and “Paul’s Pizza Shop.”  Students will compare full-scale items with mini versions, learn about planning, building and scale, and build a quarter-inch scale model donut shop and pizza shop.  On the last day of class, students will present their designs to parents and invited guests. Instructor: Marcia Rees Conrad, AIA


Bring your creativity and photographs and go home with mini scrapbooks of memories.  Students will learn different techniques and use different papers and embellishments to make five scrapbooks.  Each project will be completed in one class.  Students will need to bring enough pictures for a week of scrapbooking fun. Instructor: Mary Kay Molnar


Enter the frightening world of Monster Survivor! After being assigned to a monster-related tribe, students participate in “Survivor”-like competitions. They’ll also study monster legends and lore and watch scenes from movies featuring vampires, werewolves, space aliens, and creatures living on land or in the sea. Tribe contests will include a terrifying trivia bee, a freaky food contest, a mummy wrap, and other tests of courage and survival. On the final day, the tribes will have a chance to dress up and perform scary skits. Not for the faint of heart! Students may bring costumes and props for skits if they wish. Instructor: Ron Cain


Learn the latest crime-fighting techniques in this class. Enter the world of international espionage as you navigate obstacles and decipher secret codes.  Go on a “stake-out” and explore a “crime scene.” Lift prints and test unknown substances in our crime lab. Interview witnesses, identify suspects, make observations, collect clues, and crack the case! Hear true crime stories that are stranger than fiction and learn what you should do if you witness criminal activity.  Instructor: Michael Carter


What goes on in a garden? And what we, as architects, learn from the secrets hidden in a garden? Students will explore the world hidden in a rain garden and build a mini secret garden to take home. We will discuss soil, water, rain, light, and plants and discover life above and below the surface. Students will explore the amazing process of sustaining life in an ecosystem, write eco-poetry, learn about rain barrels, and calculate the area needed for a bed in a rain garden. Instructor: Marcia Rees Conrad, AIA


We’ll each become an architect with a commission to design for man’s best friend. We’ll focus on the need for caring for animals/pets and look at how animals make a difference in our lives.  We’ll hear stories about amazing dogs and discover that “no matter how small you are, you make a difference in the world.”  We’ll explore the world from an animal’s perspective, hear what experts have to say, and learn how we can safely care for and respect all living creatures. Project: Design and build a model-sized house for a cat or dog to take home and help build a full scale doghouse for Bailey, the animal assisted therapy dog who visits the elderly in retirement communities. Instructor: Marcia Rees Conrad, AIA


In this class, students will make greeting cards, 3 D projects, and a variety of scrapbooks.  They will learn several paper crafting techniques and how to use tools such as the Big Shot, envelope maker, and scoring tools.  Time will be scheduled each day for the students to design projects using skills they have learned in class. This is a double period class. Instructor: Mary Kay Molnar


Do you want to be a master of Pokémon? Do you have the skills to be number one? In Pokémon Masters, learn and play the Pokémon trading card game while competing with your fellow trainers to earn badges and cards of your own. Bring in your cards or Pokémon games from home and get ready for your Pokémon Adventure to begin! Instructor: Casey Sunser


Join the hottest trend sweeping the nation!  Learn how to make rubber band bracelets using a loom.   This craft craze allows you to make bracelets of all different designs and colors to keep for yourself or give away. Instructor: Megan Dennehy


This class will get kids excited about science - from physics to chemistry to biology - in a fun and interactive way. We will perform experiments using many household products to understand the principles of chemistry and physics.  This is a hands-on, fun class. Instructor: Danielle Laurin


This beginner sewing class will teach you how to make a simple stuffed animal.  You will learn how to cut material using a pattern and sew pieces together using a machine.  This class is for boys and girls. Students need to know how to use a sewing machine. Prerequisite: Simplistic Stitchery. Instructor: Jennifer Blansett


Come explore a world of your own creation! In ‘Show me Your Story’ students will have the opportunity to design, write, and illustrate their own children’s storybook. Students will learn how to use grammar and descriptive language, while enjoying telling their story through drawing, painting, and arts and crafts. At the close of the week, participants will have created an original storybook, either on their own or with a friend. Instructor: Lauren Prestopnik


This course is a great beginning sewing class. Learn fundamental sewing skills and how to use a sewing machine. A variety of materials will be used to help students learn the basic techniques of sewing. This class is suggested as a prerequisite for Sew a Stuffed Animal.  Instructor: Jennifer Blanset


Are you someone who likes to snack? Are you looking for creative ideas in the kitchen? Simply Delicious Snacks is a class designed especially for you. Learn to make a variety of snacks that are tasty and fun, while at the same time convenient and easy. You will get the chance to write down each of the recipes we use in class, and take them home at the end of the week so that you can make your Simply Delicious Snacks at home! Instructor: Lauren Prestnopik


Explore the Spanish language and culture through a variety of activities in this fun-filled course! We will not only learn how to speak Spanish, we will also play games in Spanish, celebrate Latin-American holidays, and even create some personalized Spanish-style crafts. Join us as we assimilate into the Hispanic culture! Instructor: Lauren Prestnopik


Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. We will make and sample a variety of creative breakfast dishes that you can make at home with little or no parental help. Learn to create and enjoy easy yet nutritious breakfast foods that will add some fun to your mornings! You will get the chance to write down each of the recipes we use in class, and take them home at the end of the week so that you can make your Tasty Breakfast Dishes at home! Instructor: Megan Dennehy


This is your chance to learn a sport that you will enjoy for a lifetime. This course, geared for beginner tennis players, will work on eye-hand coordination, basic stroke motions, serving, and playing the net. You will learn the rules of a tennis match and how to keep score. You will need to bring a tennis racket. This is an outdoor class. Instructor: John LaRose


Discover the fun of being an actor or actress!  In this class, students will gain experience in the many elements of theatre, including learning lines and creating a character. Students will participate in theatre games, improve their confidence in public speaking, and have fun in a comfortable and non-competitve environment. On Friday, the troupe will perform a play in front of an audience. This class is open to all levels of experience. Instructor: Karen Wright


Have you ever wondered about the man who created Mickey Mouse or wanted to learn more about the Disney theme parks? In this class, taught by a former Disney Cast Member, you will learn about the magic behind Walt Disney World and the Imagineers who created it.  Along with learning about hidden Mickeys, you will let your imagination run wild and design your own ride attraction.  By the end of the week, you’ll “earn your ears” and become an honorary cast member. Instructor: Megan Dennehy


Do you love writing plays and bringing them to life?  In this class, students will develop characters and scenes, and then write a script for a one-act play.  Using expressive voices and gestures, students will bring different characters to life in a “Reader’s Theater” format.  Working with other class members, reading parts will be divided up and the play will be presented to an audience on the last day of class. Instructor: Karen Wright


To date, the Star Wars Legacy consists of 6 movies, 11 television shows, 3 radio dramas, and countless books, toys, and video games.  Meet other fans and relive the stories of Star Wars, the story behind the phenomenon, and learn the ways of the Jedi Knight.  Experience it all, and just in time for next summer’s blockbuster movie: Star Wars Episode VII.  May the Force be with you! Instructor: Michael Carter


Learn all the great tricks and gags every kid should know! Then show off your gift for comedy in our vaudeville-style variety show the last day of class. In addition to rehearsing funny stunts for the show, students learn yo-yo tricks, juggling, balloon sculptures, string tricks, bubble magic, card castles, and paper airplanes. Students may bring in costumes and props for skits on the last day of class. Instructor: Ron Cain


Do you enjoy sports? Then Ultimate Sports is for you! Join others and play a different game every day. Have fun while being active. Play Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, Soccer, and Kickball, or teach others a new game. This is an outdoor class. Instructor: James Sandford


Love video games? Then this class is for you! Take a weeklong journey through the history of video games. Start with games some of your parents may remember, and finish with some of the more advanced video game systems of today. Compete with classmates in daily tournaments and earn the right to be crowned video game champion! Whether a beginning or advanced gamer, you will be sure to leave this course with the quickest thumbs around.  Instructor: Casey Sunser or Cole LaVenture


Ever thought it would be cool to have your own website? Now you can!  This fun and exciting course will teach you the basics of web design and get your free site up and running.  The best part is you don’t need any computer experience to make your own site.  We will also be discussing the dangers of being online and how to keep you and your personal information safe.  Students should have a valid email address and bring a flash drive with pictures that are appropriate for the web.  Students must be 12 – 14 years old to register for this class. Instructor: Corey Szyikowski