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The degree will prepare students for high demand careers in the nuclear energy industry and was developed to meet the needs of one of the area’s larger employers, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG).  

What You Will Learn:

The Nuclear Technology A.A.S. degree program at Onondaga Community College prepares graduates for entry-level positions within the nuclear power industry.  

What It Is Like:

The program includes both classroom and laboratory coursework.  The laboratory coursework is designed to provide the student with hands-on experiences that will enhance their learning.  

Where It Can Take You:

The 2011 Nuclear Energy Institute workforce demographic survey results indicate that 39 percent of the industry’s current employees will be eligible to retire by 2016.  It will be critical that this loss of a skilled workforce is replaced with the next generation of technical workers at the nation's 104 commercial nuclear power plants.   Average starting salaries for many positions within the nuclear industry are approximately $60,000.