Gallery Exhibit: Marcus Acevedo


Marcus Acevedo
Gallery at the Ann Felton Multicultural Center  
November 8 - December 8, 2010 

The duality of man, the potential to be both divine and carnal beings, has always interested me. There is a struggle with the expectations associated with these opposing forces: the potential for greatness always present on one hand, and weaknesses inescapable on the other. My work exists to inspire the question of what is the nature of heroes, legends and Gods, and how different is that from the nature of man. My work goes beyond self-analysis and introspection. I use myself as the archetype for the experiences that connect us. I want to explore not only the greatness of man, but the weakness as well. My work demonstrates that we are powerful and that there is no contradiction that this great power can manifest itself in a person that is inadequate, fearful and weak. In my work I am actor and director, puppet and puppet master, mortal and God. I am free to explore all of these relationships, to be whomever and what ever I desire.