Upcoming Exhibitions

Colin Boyd A New Wilderness: The Making of an Otherworldly Natural History

19 - Colin Boyd

Tuesday, September 3 - Thursday, October 3

Gallery Reception & Artist's Talk: September 5, from 11:00-12:30

Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday, 11:00-4:00, or by appointment, (315) 498-7220

Our second exhibition of the Fall 2018 season will be artist Abraham Ferraro from the Albany area. Mr. Ferraro's work is comprised of innovative sculptural environments created from packaging materials and graphics. The exhibition runs from October 1-November 8, 2018, with an Artist's Reception on October 2 from 11:15am-Noon. In addition, there will be an Artist's Presentation TBA. Gallery hours: Monday-Thursday, 11am-4pm or by appointment, 315-498-7220.