Fruit Tree Orchard

Onondaga Community College recently planted a fruit tree orchard to promote food security, sustainability, and student learning. The orchard features apple, pear, peach, plum, and cherry trees that will be a source of local food for the campus community. The orchard is located along the fitness trail in the Northwest part of campus.

Orchard collaborators include the Whole Earth Club, the Office of Sustainability, and Facilities. Special thanks to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County for their helpful input.

For more information or to get involved with the orchard project, please contact Sean Vormwald at 315-498-2847 or [email protected] 

The orchard contains the following varieties of fruit trees.


  • Braeburn Dwarf Apple
  • Gala Dwarf Apple
  • Baldwin Standard Apple
  • Red Astrachan Standard Apple
  • Compspur Arkblack Apple
  • Compspur Lodi Apple
  • Compspur McIntosh Apple
  • Compspur Red Stayman Winesap Apple
  • Freedom Semi-Dwarf Apple
  • Jonafree Semi-Dwarf Apple
  • MacFree Semi-Dwarf Apple
  • Liberty Semi-Dwarf Apple


  • Beurre Bosc Dwarf Pear
  • Clapp's Favorite Dwarf Pear
  • Colette Dwarf - The Everbearing Pear
  • Red Anjou Dwarfed Hybrid Pear
  • Bartlett Dwarf Pear


  • Big Blue Plum
  • Green Gage Plum 
  • Superior Dwarf Plum
  • Yellow-Egg Dwarf Plum
  • Stanley Dwarf Plum


  • Reliance Dwarf Peach


  • Dwarf North Star Cherry