In 1962, Onondaga Community College opened its doors to 500 entering freshmen at Midtown Plaza in the urban center of Syracuse, New York.  Outgrowing the city center location, the College moved to its present site in 1973.

We are situated on 280 acres atop Onondaga Hill, four miles from the city, with a commanding view of the city, Onondaga and Oneida lakes and beyond.  A newly renovated and expanded Gordon Student Center opened in spring 2006.  By far, the largest transformation on campus began with the long-awaited November 2005 groundbreaking of residence halls.  Opening for the start of the 2006-2007 academic year, the residence halls will forever change the face of the campus and mark a significant turning point in the history of the college.

The curricula have been expanded from an original offering of eight programs to nearly 50; the faculty has grown to keep pace with enrollment; the original graduating class of 1962 numbered 177.  Now, nearly 1,500 degrees are awarded annually.  Enrollment has grown from the original 500 to nearly 13,000 students.  More than 40,000 persons have graduated since 1964, and over half a million people have availed themselves of the college's programs and services.