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According to the Manufacturer’s Alliance of New York (MACNY), local manufacturers are challenged with finding skilled labor needed today to handle the kinds of sophisticated production processes and tasks required in a manufacturing environment. The Advanced Manufacturing – Machining certificate is designed to provide the foundation skills and hands-on experience necessary for students to gain employment in positions such as machinists and apprentices, machine operators, tool and die makers, machine setters, and tool grinders.

What You Will Learn:

Onondaga's certificate in Advanced Manufacturing – Machining is designed to provide the skills necessary for entry-level employment in the machining industry. The certificate exposes students to a broad range of technical skills that provide a practical education and prepare students for the modern manufacturing world.

What it is Like:

We are one of the few colleges to have a working, state-of-the-art lab with machines found in high-tech manufacturing environments. The program’s core and specialty courses focus on skills that provide a good foundation for employment. Courses include solid modeling, CNC programming, computer drafting, and two intensive machine tools classes that give students the opportunity for hands-on experience.
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Where it Can Take You:

All credits earned for the certificate may be applied to the Mechanical Technology A.A.S. degree at Onondaga or transferred to other college degree programs. After completion, students may choose to enter the work force or continue their education toward an associate degree.

Not only is Onondaga’s tuition competitive with local technical schools, the certificate provides transferable college credit AND has a working lab for students to improve their skills on actual equipment. Certificate students incur less debt and are ready to enter the work force in less time than a traditional two year degree. It also offers the flexibility of allowing students the option of returning to continue their studies.