Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate intermediate-high level receptive and expressive proficiency in American Sign Language, including knowledge of advanced linguistic structures and vocabulary.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the norms, values and beliefs of Deaf culture as it relates to the historical, cultural, linguistic, political, and social issues past and present in the Deaf community and culture.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge about the profession of interpreting including the history of the field, terminology used, professional associations, interpreting settings, interpreter role and function, pertinent legislation, and injuries related to the interpreting process.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of various interpreting theoretical models and the interpreting process.
  5. Develop sub-skills of consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.
  6. Explore selected works of American Sign Language literature and film  , analyzing and critiquing them in terms of the historical, social, cultural, and artistic journeys of the American Deaf community.