With the increasing challenges of financing higher education, scholarships for our students are a top giving priority at Onondaga Community College. You can make a significant, lasting contribution to Onondaga's future by creating or adding to an endowed or immediate-use fund, and you can offer support for the initiative you care about most. View a full listing of all Foundation Scholarships or complete the scholarship application

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Endowed Funds

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An endowment established within the OCC Foundation provides a permanent source of funding to support the needs of the College and its students. As the principle of the endowment remains forever untouched, earnings from the fund are used to support programs, services or scholarships at Onondaga Community College forever in perpetuity.

Non-Endowed Funds

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Non-endowed funds are often called "immediate-use" or "replenish" funds. They are typically distributed in whole over a specific timeframe and replenished at the discretion of the donor. Unlike endowed funds, they do not exist in perpetuity; however, they can go to work immediately to provide scholarship or program support.

Community Scholars

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The Community Scholars Program is supported by contributions from a pool of donors. Contributions are part of a larger endowment that generates income to provide qualified students with scholarships of up to $1,000 per academic year, saving students and families approximately 25 percent of tuition costs. Named Community Scholars scholarships are often in memory/honor of a loved one or in recognition of a business or organization, and live in perpetuity.