Guide to Email


Launch email

What it is...

Each student is given a free student email account.  You can access your College email from on- or off-campus, wherever you have an Internet connection.

Please Note: email accounts are created 24 - 48 hours after: 

  1. registering for a course, or 
  2. submitting your application. 

How to use it...

Logging In

You will log in using the same username and password that you use to log into WebAdvisor and the OCC network. 

To log in to your email account you will need to know your OCC Username and Password :

If you are experiencing username or password issues you can also try using the Forgot Password? and/or Forgot Your User Name? options on the Central Authentication Service (CAS) Login screen ( ). 

Need Help Forwarding Your Email?

Forward email from Office 365 to another email account

If you check the box “Keep a copy of forwarded messages” you can insure that no important information gets lost.  Please check your OCC email regularly for registration, financial aid and other important information.

Need Help Using Email?

Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Whom to contact...

The Helpdesk
Email [email protected] 
Phone (315) 498-2999
Location Academic Computing Center,
Coulter Library, Room 214