Central Authentication Service (CAS)

The CAS Login page enables single sign-on to multiple websites at OCC. This means that you only have to enter your User Name and Password once for websites that use CAS Login.

How to login through CAS

Security Question

The first time that you login to the CAS Single Sign-on page, you will be prompted to enter in a security question and answer.  The security question may only be created once.

This question and answer will be used later if you ever forget your password and need to reset your password. 

The best question and answer combinations are simple, memorable, can't be guessed easily, and don't change over time.

The security answer is case and space insensitive.  Example: You set your security answer to "NY Giants" initially.  Sometime later, you forgot your password and you need to remember the answer to your security question.  If you type in "nygiants" or "NY GIANTS", both will work fine.

Examples of good security questions are:

  • Favorite teacher's last name
  • Best childhood friend
  • Favorite pet
  • Favorite boss

Please type in a security question and answer, and then click Submit.   

Change Password

This new login page for web applications will allow you to change your password and reset your password if you forget your password. 

To change your password, click on Change Password on the login page.  

You will be redirected to the change password page.

Enter all of the information.  In this example, you need to know your old password.

Enter the reCAPTCHA information.  The text is not case sensitive.  Put a space in between the two words.  In this example, you would type “tdayet when,” and click Submit.

If you want another pair of new words, click the refresh icon.

The following page will come up:

Next, select the Click Here link to complete the process 

You will be directed back to the CAS login page.

Enter your User Name and new password, then Click LOGIN. 


Forgot Password

If you don’t know your password, or forgot your Password,   

Click Forgot Password? on the login page. 

The following page will be displayed.

Enter the User Name that you use to login to the PC. 

Enter the RECAPTCHA information.  In this example, you would type in “which tioupsy” and click SUBMIT. 

If you want another pair of new words, click the refresh icon.

 You will now be asked to type in the answer to your security question.

Enter the answer to your security question, Click SUBMIT. 

The next web page displayed is the Change Password form.

Now, enter a new password.  Press Tab. 

Enter the new password again to Confirm the new password.  

Click SUBMIT. 

If you typed in your new password exactly the same way in the New Password input box and the Confirm New Password input box, the following message will be displayed confirming the password has been changed.

Click on the link for Click here 

You will be returned to the CAS Login Page.

Enter your User Name, which is the User Name that you login to the PC with. 

Enter your new Password. 

Click LOGIN.