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Facilities + Technology

Onondaga Community College’s Photography Program offers the latest digital technology for capture, creation, editing and printing, including exceptional facilities for studio lighting, black and white and color photography:

Digital Facilities and Equipment

  • Nikon high-resolution digital cameras for studio or field work
  • Phase One Digital Capture for medium format cameras
  • Apple iMac and Mac Pro editing workstations
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop) image editing software suites
  • High-resolution flated and transparency scanners
  • Epson Professional inkjet printers capable of printing up to 44" wide imagery

Lighting Studio 

  • Large dedicated studio (can be sectioned into four separate studios) with a wide range of lighting equipment (Arri, Speedotron and Photogenic)

Analog Facilities and Equipment

  • Assorted manual control 35mm cameras (Nikon and Pentax), lenses and tripods
  • Medium format cameras (Hasselblad and Mamiya) for studio or field work
  • 4 x 5" large format cameras (Toyo) for studio and field work
  • Film-based darkrooms for black and white and alternative processes
  • Large black and white film developing area

Mounting Area

  • Large photo finishing area for dry mounting, spotting and window matting.