Onondaga Community College will be a place where all students receive the support they need to succeed, thrive, and persist to completion.

Achieving the Dream and Onondaga

Lazer Focus 2016-2021, OCC’s Strategic Plan, centers on three goals designed to support the success of our students. Achieving the Dream is our key strategy to meet those goals by supporting a healthy transition to college, persistence through essential coursework, and retention to the completion of a degree or certificate. Our work focuses on two key efforts: 1) establishing the best route through needed developmental education or gateway courses and 2) building an intentional first year experience. These are designed to meet the challenges identified in our data. They focus our efforts on those areas most likely to support the largest groups of students make important gains. Through our work on campus, our collaboration with our ATD coaches, and our networking with other ATD institutions, we will be able to build the right answer for OCC. I am grateful to the members of the ATD work groups for their dedication to this effort, and I look forward to the engagement of our full faculty and staff in these important issues.

What's Next for Achieving the Dream?

As Achieving the Dream enters its 3rd year, the workgroups plug away at charges from the President that including developing a new body called the Student Success Council on-campus and other initiatives related to developmental coursework, the first-year experience and data development. Now, we're working on transitioning the work of ATD into the structure of the college so all the good work done throughout our 3 years in ATD.

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