Data, Reports and Resources

  • Century College -  Student Success Day - The college sets aside an entire day each semester to show all students just how committed everyone on campus is to helping all students achieve success.
  • Developmental Education Coursework and Student Success Rates - Placement in developmental education coursework is one of the best indicators of student success.
  • Gaston College Developmental Student Orientation - After receiving feedback from students enrolled in developmental courses that more communication and a more personal touch from the institution was needed, Gaston College introduced Developmental Student Orientation. All Gaston College students must complete a mandatory online orientation, but this additional, on-campus orientation targets students enrolled in at least one developmental course. This programming is intended to increase term-to-term persistence and success in completing developmental education requirements. The sessions include introductions to and tours of student services such as computer and technology services where students learn how to access email, WebAdvisor, Blackboard and other online areas of the school; the different tutoring services available; both the business and financial aid offices; student activities; campus security; counseling services; and the persistence and retention efforts initiated for students. Click on the link above to learn more about this very successful program.
    You also can go to the Achieving the Dream Interventions Showcase to search for other innovative student orientation programs. 
  • Initiatives - these formal initiatives are bold and are poised to deliver tangible results.
  • Interventions Showcase - Achieving the Dream’s Interventions Showcase is an information dashboard presenting different views of the data that Achieving the Dream Institutions have provided on interventions they use.
  • Knowledge Center - a searchable database containing guides, case studies, and reports from Achieving the Dream
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Student Touchpoints - This three-part, four-day program consists of New Student Orientation, Program Orientation, and Welcome Week.
  • Tech Solutions - a searchable database containing case studies, white papers, surveys, published reports, and articles produced by Achieving the Dream’s Technology Solutions investors and partners.
  • Webinars - ATD webinar broadcasts