Century College -  Student Success Day

We all want students to succeed, with various initiatives dedicated to that goal. Century College, located in White Bear Lake, MN, has fully embraced the Achieving the Dream mission by making sweeping changes to their operations. Supports have been created for all aspects of students’ lives in this college with a similar size and demographic of Onondaga. One of these supports involves setting aside an entire day each semester to show all students just how committed everyone on campus is to helping all students achieve success. The event set for February 10, 2016, features over 120 student-centered workshops, guest speakers, and opportunities to learn about all programs offered on campus. Students make arrangements to meet with faculty and advisors on this dayand are encouraged to work on their CareerPlan, EducationPlan, FinancePlan, LeadershipPlan, and PersonalPlan. Click here to learn more about this exciting day dedicated to student success.