• Student Success Council Draft Presentation to the College Leadership Council

    April 13th
  • Brown Bag Session: Dream 2018

    April 4th
  • Student Success Council Draft Feedback Month

  • Student Success Council Draft Created

  • 2017

  • Webinar: Engage Your Campus Community with Data Summits

    November 15th
  • Brown Bag: First Year Experience Resource Center

    November 8th
  • Webinar: Assessing Student Success Initiatives: Challenges and Results

    October 25th
  • Brown Bag: Moving the Needle on Classroom Success: A Conversation Among Faculty and Staff

    October 2nd
  • Webinar: Data & Technology Insight Webinar Series: Performance Evaluation

    September 27th
  • Coaches Visit

    September 21st & 22nd
  • Coaches Visit

    March 6th & 7th
  • Dream Conference Brown Bag Session

    March 29th
  • Trifecta

    January 27th
  • OCC Employees Attend Dream Conference 

    February 21st-24th
  • 2016

  • Coaches’ Visit

    December 5th-6th
  • ICAT Café

    December 5th
  • Fall 2016 Data Summit

    November 4th
  • Implementation Plan Feedback from ATD

  • The Importance of Orientation

    July 29th
  • Submitted Implementation Plan

  • Plan reviewed by President, EC, and CLC

    April 22nd
  • Draft implementation plan finalized by Core Team

    April 1st
  • Select ideas reviewed by President, EC, and CLC. Final initiatives selected

    March 18th
  • Core Team reviews “Big Ideas” and narrows focus to Top Select initiatives

    March 4th
  • Dream Cafe 2.0

    March 3rd
  • DREAM Conference

    February 23th-26th
  • Deadline for “Big Idea” Forums

    February 26th
  • Select faculty and staff present data to Academic and Administrative Forums and Solicit “Big Ideas.”

    January 25th -February 26th
  • Training for “Big Idea” meeting facilitators

    January 22nd
  • Trifecta Summit

    January 15th
  • Core Team and Data Team meet to receive and review data on institutional achievement gaps

    January 6th