Starting your degree at OCC
is a smart choice –
now and for your future.

"It was the option that had the most value. I could go somewhere and pay $60,000, but I wanted to start a business. I didn’t want to start $300,000 in debt" Chris Steinberger,
EMC and Business Administration '15

Save up to $50,000 by starting at OCC!

Four year colleges are expensive and student loan debt can be a major drain on your future. Starting your degree at OCC not only gives you a solid foundation for your Bachelor's degree, but you'll save a ton, too!

We are dedicated to transferability

60% of our students plan to transfer on to a 4-year school and it’s our mission to help get them there. We'll support your transition from high school to college, help you in and out of the classroom and our dedicated transfer office will help you transfer beyond OCC.