Help with Accents and Spelling/Grammar in Microsoft Word

Spelling + Grammar in Microsoft Word

If Word does not automatically detect that you are writing in Spanish, then select the whole paragraph, go up to the tools menu and choose "language" "set language" "Spanish (Spain-traditional sort)" Misspelled words will now be underlined with a red squiggly line. Most of the time you can right click and it will give you some options.

How to do Accents on the Computer

How to do accents varies depending on what program you are working in. Here are some common methods:

Works anywhere (easiest but slow and you need to know the numbers):

Hold down the ALT key, type the number for the accent on the numeric keypad, let go of the ALT key:

á 160
é 130
í 161
ó 162
ú 163
ñ 164
¿ 168
¡ 173
ª 166
º 167
Ñ 165
É 144

Works in most programs (very slow but easy to remember):
  1. On the menu at the top choose Insert<-Symbols.
  2. Make sure font says "normal text" then scroll down until you find the symbol you are looking for.
  3. When you click on it, it calls for you to give it a command.  Write a preferred command (i.e., ALT + n for an ñ), click Assign and close the window.
  4. Then click Insert and close this window too.

Once you've assigned these commands, entering the command (i.e., ALT + n) is all that is needed in order to write the special character.  You will need to assign the following special characters:

¿    ¡     á     é     í     ó     ú    ü   ñ      Á      É      Í      Ó     Ú     Ü     Ñ 

Works in Microsoft Word (a little faster, a little easier to remember):
  • For accents on vowels press CTRL+ ' (single quote) + letter you want an accent on
  • For "ñ" CTRL + SHIFT+ "~"+n
  • For "¿" ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+?
  • For "¡" ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+!